Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden -February

February is the cruellest of months and this year it was particularly true. 

Wet windy with - 5'c frosts But we still had colour.


 photo P1340654_zpsrf9jdfzm.jpg

We have three new Iris reticulata this year, 'Harmony' is the first to flower.

 photo 3a29e498-502d-42f1-a0d9-cbff0a26c91b_zpsh0qftaiy.jpg

Crocuses have started to open

 photo 3dfc1cd2-3c0b-48d7-a6a9-6a41c7792ad2_zpsdqvwaygh.jpg

Our cyclamen neapolitanum is spreading nicely and put on a jolly show all month

 photo 285e9ea1-b02b-4ea2-b37c-4511aadd81f3_zpslcmrwchd.jpg

Snow drops were a joy too.

 photo 6d3c838d-450b-4473-a3d1-c5ac2b60acdd_zps8uyphhhj.jpg

The stocks we sowed last Summer bolted. 
They have come through all the frosts buds and all.

 photo d0d80b64-0598-4893-a6dc-de1e71252385_zpso6lguxfp.jpg

It looks like a lot of the fuchsias and less hardy plants have come through the winter .

 photo P1340603_zpsf7p1pryq.jpg

The big post Winter clear up has begun in earnest.

 photo P1340592_zpsagfqimzo.jpg

and we have started to reclaim the garden from winters icy grip.

 photo P1340591_zpsen76hyb7.jpg

It is already looking a lot better than it did at the start of February.

 photo P1340602_zps20b66ewj.jpg

There is still lots to be done though.

 photo 187dda3a-d11e-4263-be02-2ced45ff7973_zps0dqfsstv.jpg

Although it is still rather cold a spot of sunshine is always welcome.

 photo P1340593_zps95vxmbvc.jpg

Time to think and plan for the Summer ahead.

 photo P1340596_zpstkh0yw4w.jpg

Roll on Spring !


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  1. February - the cruellest month, indeed. However, it's never too cold to potter in the garden! Jx