Friday, 31 May 2013

The Gardens of Delargo Towers - May

Well then me dears I am a bit behind with this one. The photos were all taken mid May but with weddings, birthdays, eurovision and what not I have had little time to put them together.

so here they are ;

Well there we are me dears a whirlwind tour of the estate.
Sorry for the lack of detail but the garden has moved on so quickly in the last couple of weeks so I will make up forit in the June post.

In the mean time any questions please ask.



Monday, 27 May 2013

Seaside memories

With the weather to warm in fits and starts, my thoughts have gone back to memories of the beaches of childhood. Growing up on the border of Cornwall and Devon there were many here are a few

None of these photos are mine but gathered freely on the web. I apologise for their quality and I will of course remove them if asked.

Pictured above is Bovisands - so close to Plymouth we used to catch a local bus.

Better by far was a boat trip from the Barbican to Cawsands past Fort Picklecombe... Cawsands and Kingsands

Then back home past the Great Mew Stone (below) after eating the home-made pasties which my mother would have made at the crack of dawn for the trip.

Another fave beach was Whitsand Bay with its four miles of sandy beach:

We would walk here after crossing the Tamar on the Torpoint Ferry,. It was, and is, a fair walk.

Worth it though, even with the climb down and up the cliff to get there and back

Now then me dears you probably have worked out my family didn't own a car; my Auntie Bertha and Uncle Tom (both of blessed memory) did, however. The greatest treat was to be taken in the 'Rover' to Bigbury-on-Sea for the fab beach and Burgh Island to explore.

and Harlyn Bay.

Latter in life I lived and worked in Dartmouth for a while. Below is Black Pool Sands

Here is Dartmouth, looking down the estuary and out to sea:

The other side of the river is Kingswear:

Warfleet Cove, where my friend Gilly has a house with a garden sweeping down to the river:

Finally, Dartmouth, looking inland, up the estuary:

...and then just down the coast is Slapton Ley:

...and Mothercombe:

Down on the the River Yealm is Noss Mayo:

Back to Plymouth - and Wembury Church:.

Just a taster, but made me a little homesick...