Wednesday, 31 December 2014

N4 The Gardens - December

Hello me dears.
Just a little post this month.There are still a surprising amount of things in flower. However with the cold, rain, wind and almost perpetual darkness I have not felt much like wandering about.

So on that somewhat negative note, lets see what jollies Harringay had to offer this month.

 photo DSC_0763_zps103dbf54.jpg

Hebes are always good value this time of year.

 photo DSC_0764_zps64dcb92f.jpg
A chrysanthemum that managed to escape the frost.

 photo DSC_0767_zps56068c89.jpg
as did this lovely geranium (just).

 photo DSC_0900_zps828a78f8.jpg
The first of the many Arum lilies (Zantedeschia) to flower in the area.

 photo DSC_0766_zps7e56a594.jpg
Just outside the 'Gardens' in Harringay Road, the first blossom I have seen so far.

 photo DSC_0765_zps90b65927.jpg
This amazing Abutilon also in Harringay Road is a true joy.

There is always someone to let the side down however:

 photo DSC_0909_zps08f2a46a.jpg

Why ? What's it say anyway?!

Hey ho till next month me dears when we should be awash with Camellias


The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - December

The end of another month and another year.
The equinox has past bringing with it the beginning of the end of winter.

 photo P1270567_zps2f80d8e1.jpg

 photo P1270571_zps02cac5fa.jpg

 photo P1270570_zpsdd732d0b.jpg

 photo P1270568_zpsd0694b56.jpg

 photo P1270522_zps8b2df580.jpg

The violas and pansies have just started to take off and are looking fab,

 photo P1270529_zps0a75e58b.jpg

We have had a few frosts this month and with Jan and Feb to come I am sure we will get a few more.
Its so far so good with the Nicotiana.

 photo P1270519_zpsc783d437.jpg

Both the aserinas and the scented  leafed pelargonium seem perfectly happy.

 photo P1270521_zps42a3b454.jpg

We have started sowing seeds and putting the greenhouse to use.

 photo P1270502_zps1613f78d.jpg

Calendula, Salvia and Penstemon.

 photo P1270508_zpsb52a5334.jpg

 photo P1270513_zps0b2ea21f.jpg

We loved the Agastache we grew from seed last year and hope to get it through the winter

 photo P1270510_zps5a3c8170.jpg

My nephew's first ever cutting is doing well too.

 photo P1270507_zpsd7332d65.jpg

This was our first year growing dahlias and they proved to be a real joy. 
Grown from seed, and with the move left in pots and sadly neglected,
 they have still produced a bumper crop of tubers.

 photo P1270505_zpsb14dcc2c.jpg

All the ' Bishops Children ' have been wrapped up and put to bed.

 photo P1270504_zps674a2737.jpg

Bulbs are sprouting

 photo P1270500_zps082a79c5.jpg

and the bluebells rescued from the old garden are starting to show through.

 photo P1270503_zpsb6f169d4.jpg

Osteospermum -

 photo P1270518_zps6f01afc0.jpg

Ragged, yes, but still doing their best to give a little colour.

 photo P1270516_zps8f19edf5.jpg

All in all Doncaster Donny seems quite pleased.

 photo P1270501_zps576c2682.jpg

There tiz then, me lovelies

Till next year.


Random Divas - My kinda Woman

Hello me dears, the years all but over so here are a few more random divas to add to the list for 2014.

 photo grace_zps5a13ab67.jpg

Grace Jones

 photo EveArdenphotobyBertSix_zpsa7eccacb.jpg

Eve Arden

 photo FridaKahlo-_zpsa00e7122.png

Frida Kahlo

 photo JulieAndrewsinStar_zpsd9a98f30.jpg

Julie Andrews

 photo hqdefault_zps0131fe2e.jpg

Nina Hagen

 photo hedylamaruio1_1280_zps58efcf12.jpg

Hedy Lamarr

 photo CaroleLombard1939_zps9f0a5be9.png

Carole Lombard

 photo DianaDors280_zps4db25732.jpg

Diana Dors 

 photo WallisSimpson-beaton1937chacircteaudeCandeacute_zps1cb41c8f.jpg

Wallis Simpson

 photo AngieDickinsoncooker_zps2d645667.jpg

Angie Dickinson

 photo BillieHolidayc1945_zpsbcd60302.jpg

Billie Holiday

 photo ElaineStritchasSuperRuthinthesitcomMySisterEileenwhichbecamethemusicalWonderfulTown_zpse0ebf2d5.jpg

Elaine Stritch as Super Ruth

 photo VivienLeighThatHamiltonWoman_zps71904d3d.jpg

Vivien Leigh

 photo MargotAsquithbw_zps63c3f062.jpg

Margot Asquith

 photo ElinorGlyn_zps58bb4fb6.jpg

Elinor Glyn

 photo HedyLamarr_zps780db759.jpg

Hedy Lamar

 photo VioletCarsonlookingoutover60rsquosManchester_zps5690a9a2.jpg

And to Finish, the wonderful Violet Carson looking out over 60’s  Manchester

There tiz my lovelies,
All amazing women each in their own way.

Happy what ever and

 photo tumblr_ngjvhoovXn1qe7dlao1_1280_zpsae6d30fa.jpg 
t t f n.