Thursday, 31 July 2014

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - July 2014

Here it is me dears - the new garden. I must say, I do miss the old garden with its bumble bees and hover flies to keep us company.

 photo DSC_0772_zpsc78c2b1f.jpg

What we have now is definitely bigger and sunnier but also bleak, barren and as it turns out a toilet for all the local foxes. The bees have been replaced by horrid flies.

 photo P1250783_zps2b22bc52.jpg

With the help of friends and a large white van most of the plants have come with us.

 photo P1250891_zps3ed36364.jpg

 photo P1250884_zps646751ba.jpg

 photo P1250893_zps6565acc8.jpg

There are four apple trees that were once trained as espaliers, now wildly overgrown and heading for the sky, as can be seen in the first photo.

 photo P1250896_zps342ebef0.jpg

 photo P1250910_zps2b8e9bb5.jpg

They have now had a hard Summer prune and I will try to get some shape back with the Winter pruning.

 photo P1250899_zps5ff9fca1.jpg

With no beds or borders in the "fallow field" that passes for a lawn and so much to do inside, the plants are all on hold and being kept in pots.

 photo P1250791_zpsccf921a3.jpg

They are still doing their best for us though.

 photo P1250794_zpsb0b6b5d5.jpg

 photo P1250795_zpsc1952e79.jpg

Most of our old favourites are here.

 photo P1250880_zpsb24c3d08.jpg

 photo P1250888_zpse27040a8.jpg

 photo P1260100_zps81c9c38f.jpg

And some newbies too -

 photo P1250926_zpsb7480dec.jpg

Like the Korean Mint with its fabulous orange flower.

 photo P1260080_zps9395c885.jpg

Lilium Oriental hybrid 'Stargazer'

 photo P1250788_zps4eff2658.jpg

And a whole host of Dahlia 'Bishop's Children' all grown from seed.

 photo P1250778_zpsf7f95ab6.jpg

 photo P1250881_zps37f288fa.jpg

 photo P1250882_zpsf8f4d26a.jpg

 photo P1250883_zps63fb7941.jpg

 photo P1250928_zpsc1250a68.jpg

Not a garden as we know it yet but it has potential. We have declared war on the foxes after not being content with pooing every where, they started to dig and uproot things (including in the pots) and to leave bits of dead animal and take way for us in the morning.

 photo P1260089_zps830493b2.jpg

In the words of the great Sir Winston Churchill:

We shall not weaken or tire. 
Neither the sudden shock of battle 
Nor the long-drawn trials of vigilance and exertion
 will wear us down. 
Give us the tools and we will finish the job.

Ta Ta For Now


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Random Wanderings

Hello again me Handsomes,

Things are settling down a bit now after the move and with a change of job next week, I have had a couple of weeks off unexpectedly. Here are the results of my random wanderings. They are all taken on my phone and often from the tops of buses so please excuse the quality.

 photo DSC_0080_zpsf89c6c66.jpg

No we are not in Amsterdam early. This is me in Maida Vale W9.

 photo DSC_0090_zpse2b623c5.jpg

Fleet street and the Strand from the top of a bus.

 photo DSC_0097_zps91564311.jpg

 photo DSC_0094_zpsa5f6cef3.jpg

 photo DSC_0092_zpsf98595db.jpg

 photo DSC_0086_zps41b76973.jpg

Now onto rural Tottenham.

 photo DSC_0784_zps246bbc0e.jpg

 photo DSC_0786_zpsb547f909.jpg

 photo DSC_0787_zps6d78a988.jpg

and the Lee Valley.

 photo DSC_0799_zps34c1aee9.jpg

One of my fave water side pubs, the Ferry Boat Inn.

 photo DSC_0792_zpsc7761d9b.jpg

 photo DSC_0794_zps5f7c1d9d.jpg

This leg of my wanderings ended at Black Horse Road tube station, and the famous WW1 'Battle Bus' just happened to be going past belching smoke - click for more info

 photo DSC_0805_zps72831b77.jpg

A trip to Holloway Road to buy vinyl floor covering led me to this Art Deco gem of a pub, The Coronet:

 photo DSC_0737_zps47797849.jpg

Richmond at random

 photo P1250943_zps906623ac.jpg

 photo P1250948_zps1f1923aa.jpg

To our surprise and delight the Royal Barge "Gloriana" just happened to be going past on the Thames as we walked to Ham House.

 photo P1250952_zps4216277a.jpg

 photo P1250956_zps893a77bb.jpg

 photo P1250964_zps04e670cd.jpg

 photo P1250967_zps456d74d6.jpg

 photo P1260007_zps0b976e92.jpg

 photo P1260009_zpsace88971.jpg

After crossing the Thames on the little ferry, we carried on to Twickenham past Orleans House -

 photo P1260028_zps1cad989b.jpg

and York House .

 photo P1260052_zpsd2a16adb.jpg

Waling on we past Eel Pie Island -

 photo P1260067_zps025620d7.jpg

 photo P1260068_zps92a9a43e.jpg

And on in to  Twickenham for some well deserved food and of course a pint.

 photo P1260079_zps85755330.jpg

Two days later, and after five and a half hours on the ("Gold Standard Express") Mega Bus, I arrived in Plymouth, shaken but not stirred.

 photo DSC_0743_zpsf3bcd310.jpg

I love the Barbican. It's one of the few areas of Plymouth that has any character. This is New Street - well it was new when the first Queen Elizabeth was on the throne...

 photo DSC_0739_zps031f88ee.jpg

 photo DSC_mm47_zps2f81294a.jpg

The Mayflower Steps.

 photo DSC_0749_zpsed633f42.jpg

Looking out past Mount Batten towards Staddon Heights and out to sea.

 photo DSC_0751_zps7959ccc9.jpg

 photo DSC_0754_zps32d6b1f2.jpg

Two old favourite watering holes. The Dolphin and the Navy.

 photo DSC_0757_zps976e0d24.jpg

Plymouth Gin has been produced here since 1793:

 photo DSC_0758_zps3eae1a0e.jpg

 photo DSC_0759_zpsd9133d9e.jpg

Having "touched base", there was just time for a quick pint before seeing Mother.

 photo DSC_0761_zps5becb4a8.jpg
Bless her.

 photo DSC_0762_zpsca7c7908.jpg

Back to London and reality, Through Archway and on into Finchley for my final redundancy meeting.

 photo DSC_0747_zps1a71652b.jpg

I am being made redundant! Hey Ho.

 photo DSC_0748_zps9c007cc1.jpg

Being back home after a very short visit to the South West, there was only one thing for it -  PASTIES! Soul food for us 'Janners'.

 photo DSC_0735_zpsb93dd16a.jpg

 photo DSC_0736_zpsd0362688.jpg

 photo DSC_0738_zpsb2510644.jpg

Well, there tiz me lovelies, one month squashed into one post.

Till next time