Monday, 30 December 2013

The Gardens of Delargo Towers - December.

Well here we are me dears. Christmas is over, December is all but over and a new year is about to dawn.
There is still a bit of colour in the garden but are thoughts are with the Spring.

 photo P1230823_zps0293ed93.jpg

We are so pleased with the Violas, they really cheer up a damp grey old day.

 photo P1230826_zps25da2cd5.jpg

 photo 49b1f7ee-83c0-4904-8e00-478028148553_zps3ddb8517.jpg

The wallflowers have settled in and daffs are already starting to poke their heads through the soil

 photo P1230828_zps3dbfd1f9.jpg

While at the back, a few of the 200 spring bulbs are starting to stir too.

 photo P1230829_zps83514c17.jpg

While most of the bed is fairly dormant.

 photo P1230839_zps7e5f317d.jpg

Fingers crossed on the Asarina getting through Jan and Feb.

 photo P1230830_zps00ea1073.jpg

We have not had a frost yet so some things are struggling on.

 photo P1230835_zps9351b346.jpg

There are not that many flowers on the Fuchsias but they're still a joy.

 photo P1230840_zps1fb7b0c0.jpg

 photo P1230841_zps1045b18d.jpg

and the Pelargoniums as well.

 photo P1230836_zpse2a135e7.jpg

 photo P1230837_zpse70246c3.jpg

Even the Osteospermum is giving us the odd flower.

 photo P1230842_zps458fb42c.jpg

Most of the pots are sheltering in a corner hoping to beat the frosts to come.

 photo P1230833_zps37467f6a.jpg

 photo P1230832_zps8e803ff5.jpg

 photo P1230834_zps47928115.jpg

The Lilies have been replanted in Hils' fab terracotta pots. The second one has Violas on top which are refusing to do anything, let alone flower.

 photo P1230838_zps5c4d3b75.jpg

The cuttings are snug in the plastic green house.

 photo P1230831_zpsdaca9b19.jpg

'Doncaster Donny' is over the moon with the seeds that have just arrived in the post:

Limnanthes douglasii
Nigella damascena 'Persian Jewels'
Tropaeolum peregrinum
Linaria maroccana 'Northern Lights Mixed
Tropaeolum speciosum
Nasturtium 'Whirlybird Mixed'
Geranium pratense 'Purple Haze'
Godetia 'Lady In Blue'
Stock 'Night Scented'
Nicotiana mutabilis 'Marshmallow'
Sweet Pea 'Sugar n Spice'™

 photo P1230844_zps47703039.jpg

 Now then, me dears, I think I might have got carried away placing the order and been a tad over-ambitious - especially with the Tropaeolum speciosum. They were all but £1 a seed, and are almost impossible to germinate. Even if I manage to get them to grow it will be five years before they flower if at all. 

Hey ho
A busy Spring, methinks!


Saturday, 14 December 2013

On me Walkman this week - Jo Stafford

Hello me dears,

As you may know we have new smart phones which we hate with a vengeance. Be that as it may, it does have a fab camera and a Walkman app thing. The latter, together with a pair of headphones, has made my very tedious journey to and from work more bearable.

As a result I thought I would do a series of posts on what I am playing, starting with the adorable Jo Stafford.

After training as an opera singer she left classical music to follow a career in popular music - which spanned from the 30s through to the 80s. By 1955 she had achieved more worldwide record sales than any other female artist. She was also the first female artist to reach number one in the UK Singles Chart.

...with this - You Belong To Me:

Her talents and personality didn't stop there. She also turned herself into the wonderful "Cinderella G Stump" and half of the iconic husband and wife duo "Jonathan and Darlene Edwards". Both adored favourites here at 'Delargo Towers' Check out my other half's blog - Give 'em the old Razzle Dazzle - click here.

Here she is with Red Ingle and the all time classic Tim-Tay-Shun:

and as half of Jonathan and Darlene Edwards - The Last Time I Saw Paris:

So, from the ridiculous to the sublime...

Jo Stafford - Blue Moon:

Jo Stafford - Fools Rush In:

...and to end with, Jo Stafford and Ella Fitzgerald!

Read more on Wikipedia

Hope you have enjoyed my little flight of fancy.

Next? Well... who knows?


Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Gardens of Delargo Towers - November.

Here we are again me dears at the end of a blustery but mild November.
The cosmos have held on have eventually flowered.

 photo P1220919_zps12e07d45.jpg

 photo P1220922_zps7ae75f51.jpg

 photo P1220916_zpsef4d6eb1.jpg

 photo P1220915_zpse5e8631e.jpg

 photo P1220914_zpsbf6fa2d0.jpg

While the petunias' really are over and will be turned out and replaced with winter violas'.

 photo P1220917_zps44f57614.jpg

The cosmos in the back garden are flowering despite it all too.

 photo 93930f13-a910-400d-b56e-449e0b19a6ca_zpse870f72a.jpg

 photo P1220931_zps1d85e2ad.jpg

 photo P1220929_zpsb9856b2d.jpg

 photo P1220926_zpsa627e306.jpg

 photo P1220905_zps84c873b9.jpg

 photo P1220902_zpsd2daf391.jpg

One would expect the geraniums to battling on and indeed they are.

 photo P1220923_zps2f58e7bc.jpg

 photo P1220912_zpsdb9a177f.jpg

 photo P1220910_zpsf9986669.jpg

 photo P1220937_zpse712b22e.jpg

Fuchsias' too

 photo P1220934_zpsfeb91ec3.jpg

 photo P1220935_zps3165f8c7.jpg

As well as the lovely asarina and osteospermum.

 photo P1220911_zps284df311.jpg

and the unstoppable nasturtiums.

 photo P1220903_zpsb47b7a0e.jpg

So far so good on the cuttings.

 photo P1220913_zpsaafa3f8c.jpg

'Doncaster Donny' is impatient for us to get on with sorting things out for Winter and to start preparing for the Spring.

 photo P1220941_zpsaa110172.jpg

With Spring bulbs and bare rooted wallflowers on the way and a good old sort out it should be all change next month.



Friday, 29 November 2013

Random - Tiaras

Just because.

 photo 20_zps491b05ee.jpg

 photo VladimirTiaraPearls_zpsfe283131.jpg

 photo tumblr_mrd1tsSTMU1rjkeyio1_1280_zpsd9156025.jpg

 photo tumblr_mrd13rmupE1rjkeyio1_1280_zps52099114.jpg

 photo tumblr_m2xd2h9swt1qcj84mo1_1280_zps8171525d.jpg

 photo tumblr_magyk4YbvC1qcj84mo1_1280_zps401254e0.jpg

 photo tumblr_lzedi4RpAg1rp9i3ro1_500_zps05e4261c.png

 photo tumblr_mrd1rq2Uve1rjkeyio1_500_zpse4d3c465.jpg

 photo tumblr_mqy1u4A7vz1rjkeyio1_1280_zpsb809487b.jpg

 photo tumblr_m3b5k1cSUv1qcj84mo1_500_zps04ec82c0.jpg

 photo tumblr_m2pxe781SO1qcj84mo1_1280_zps686278fa.jpg

 photo tumblr_lz2j12GzeL1qcj84mo1_1280_zps077c7fc8.png

 photo TheLeuchtenbergSapphireTiarafromSweden_zps9170bd46.jpg

 photo TheGirlsofGreatBritainandIrelandTiara_zps4f481016.jpg

 photo PortlandTiara_zps26f1046e.jpg

 photo TheBelgianScrollTiarafromLuxembourg_zps2a3fa8e4.jpg

 photo emerald_tiara_fs_zps5476adc9.jpg

 photo QueenVictoriaSapphireCoronet2_zps5706f001.jpg

 photo Poltimore_Tiara_zps1290b9e6.jpg

 photo DuchessofDevonshireemeraldtiara_zpsbc490da5.jpg

 photo BraganzaTiaraCloseUp_zps378fb9f4.jpg

 photo DelhiDurbarTiara_zps2e253fad.jpg

 photo smaragden-empire1_zps84247d22.jpg

 photo TheSpencerTiara_zps7be18af8.jpg

 photo QueenMaryrsquosdiamondtiara_zpsa6e90ea8.jpg

 photo FifeTiara_zps08ba3635.jpg

 photo Thediamondfringetiara_zps833ceaef.jpg

Yes I do know that at least one of them is a coronet , not a tiara but hey !

I would be happy with any of them, though I do have a couple of favourites


Hope you have enjoyed looking as much as I have.