Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - March

Here we are again me lovelies with another very late post.
So without further ado lets have a quick tour of the Delargo estate as it was in March.

 photo P1280060_zpsln5fhnil.jpg

A few Cineraria from Morrisons are adding an extra splash of colour at the moment.

 photo P1280061_zpsy8p1heow.jpg

as are the violas.

 photo P1280063_zpsayrojo9t.jpg

the window boxes are very jolly with 'tete a tete' and more violas.

 photo P1280100_zpshtje2f2r.jpg
 photo P1280103_zpsn3dw547k.jpg

although a bit swamped by the irises that are still refusing to flower this year.

 photo P1280102_zpsnjafyvvv.jpg

How ever the daffs in the front border are boldly doing there stuff.

 photo P1280112_zps3rsrybxv.jpg

Our attempt at a woodland glade !

 photo P1280108_zpsk4enppa6.jpg

Spring has sprung

 photo P1280076_zps8rswujxt.jpg
 photo P1280088_zpsgaeezaea.jpg
 photo P1280089_zpsvpsxyjsb.jpg
 photo P1280074_zpsdhmm4ap3.jpg
 photo P1280085_zpsqr67vwld.jpg

The border is coming on nicely

 photo P1280084_zpsdi7anel4.jpg

 photo P1280083_zpszptkasig.jpg

And the big news this month is that the green house has been moved ready for a new bed.

 photo DSC_0990_zpsvsgmfcrn.jpg

 photo DSC_0991_zpsducv3ols.jpg

The seedling seem to be quite happy in their new home.

 photo P1280070_zpsfjjcbar6.jpg

And there are a few more waiting to follow them

 photo P1280097_zpsolsznkr6.jpg

Next month should be interesting me thinks.


Monday, 30 March 2015

Random Glamour

 photo Carol Burnett_zps1gbkkcaa.jpg

Indeed it is time to at least imagine how life should be...
and no, dears, that's not me but rather - Carol Burnett

 photo lice ellen kessler - don lurio -_zpsgcwukrik.jpg

Alice and Ellen Kessler knew how to put on the style.

 photo rob-james-collier_zpsk7qyw0yv.jpg

Robert James Collier, very Upstairs Downton.

 photo Hedy Lamarr whose real name was Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler was born in Vienna in 1915. Forced into an arranged marriage at the_zps6fp3jlii.jpg

Hedy Lamarr, whose real name was Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler.

 photo Adrian Adolphe Greenberg aka Adrian_zpsmyfuuzoa.jpg

Adolphe Greenberg, aka Adrian.

 photo Maharaja of Indore by Bernard Boutet De Monvel 1929_zps27snbvdp.jpg

The Maharaja of Indore 1929.

 photo 1364390536_Henry_LLoyd_Hughes_zpsqm0r75gh.jpg

My new heartthrob from the TV series 'Indian Summers' Henry Lloyd-Hughes.

 photo tumblr_lsbjkmiHQT1qespodo1_1280_zps3kodmrrf.jpg

What's the point of glamour without a spot of decadence?

 photo tumblr_nc5bfex7mU1rqpy6no1_500_zps9x1ya8db.jpg

 photo tumblr_mwhvz04wmB1qbsk5so1_1280_zpsacab736b.jpg

...and romanticism -  the new Poldark, Aidan Turner:

 photo Aidan Turner 3_zpsszrruwk6.jpg

Glamour, romance and pure decadence personified - Marlene!

 photo Marlene Dietrich ff_zpsusjlwkhz.jpg

Vivien Leigh placing  the Oscar for her role as Scarlett on her mantelpiece:

 photo Vivien Leigh places the Oscar she won for her role as Scarlett in Gone With the Wind on her mantle_zps6fpwtfor.jpg


 photo Salvador Daliacute 1939_zpsacwjlc1w.jpg

Diva of divas with her claws out methinks - Callas:

 photo Maria-Callas 2_zps9nw5fjrk.jpg

The lovely Jean Simmons...

 photo Jean Simmons n_zpszvpausox.jpg

Followed by my fave photo of the one and only - there will never Bea another Beatrice Lillie (photograph by Norman Parkinson in London 1951). It looks like to me to be in the Café de Paris:

 photo Beatrice Lillie London 1951 photograph by Norman Parkinson_zpsiymbrsfk.jpg

Dovima could even make Ketchup glamorous:

 photo Ketchup Shopping With Dovima_zpscfd8ah3e.jpg

Why do I never meet boys like this ? Leonardo di Caprio, Gatsby...

 photo leonardo-di-caprio gatsby 1_zps6wjnns82.jpg

To finish we have my own moment of glamour, with a visit to the wonderful Cabaret room Crazy Coqs. Always a treat; this time the artists were Claire Martin and Joe Stilgoe who were Ab. Fab. The venue inside Brasserie Zédel in Soho is a true delight.

 photo 4429-sit-down-event_zpsbb1oqsim.jpg

As was the discovery of a cocktail I actually really liked.

 photo 196543107_3_294_220_zps8l7ps2pr.jpg

Here's the recipe:


    A few drops of absinthe
    1 ½ oz. dry gin
    1 oz. dry vermouth
    ½ oz. Benedictine
    1 dash Angostura bitters
    1 brandy-cured cherry


    Swirl a few drops of absinthe in a chilled coupe.
    Shake the other ingredients with ice in a mixing glass,
    then strain into absinthe-coated coupe.
    Garnish with cherry.

     Bitter and sweet and evocative of a Kurt Weill song
and the Weimar —
 I could imagine Sally Bowles knocking back this one.
it's called, fittingly, the Cabaret Cocktail.