Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - August

Here we are me dears with the August garden and we are now up to date.

The main border looked fab with several newbies together with old favourites. 

 photo c8b41ee9-f9a7-49b2-81b7-10e22abe6342_zpsrpp96nst.jpg

Phlox paniculata

 photo 51024f8e-2f7c-4bc5-b044-92af23cedcaf_zpspt1fkasb.jpg

The wonderful Salvia 'Amistad'

 photo 6e36229a-d142-4888-ad96-01eb9a305b4d_zpsins9e4cl.jpg

All the salvias are stating to kick in and look fab.

 photo c417d55a-47cc-444c-bc4e-57010912ff5e_zpshyzg0gfe.jpg

Nicotiana Mutabilis Marshmallow ( a plant that we should never be without ) looks great mixing through them. and as you can see the bees love both.

 photo 0e87ff98-dd32-4860-94b8-6d40d9b31414_zpsrd1xtiwq.jpg

morning glory 'Ipomoea - Heavenly Blue'

 photo 4bf30ca0-c0f2-4e35-be19-1f85e949fb9e_zpsc5diwy3i.jpg

Pots and Fuchsias.

 photo abb6e570-32b5-4435-8dd8-6aa2f1e3f390_zpshlfcdgic.jpg

Salvia patens “Patio Deep Blue” and dahlia ' Early Bird '

 photo d21f7b95-d43c-427c-b6f1-062590957e33_zpsszkys3rr.jpg

 photo c07ff889-8153-4f4b-b957-69d5705c1257_zpszo4urkkj.jpg

Up in the new hot border things are coming together nicely with a few pinks that will need to be moved at some point.

 photo bb12258e-6ce9-443d-91d0-14f7a52a9a7b_zpsnfqhjtlw.jpg

New to our garden and grown from seed last March is Mina lobata - Spanish Flag.

 photo 0217f3a3-984d-4f45-a10c-ab26e90d4115_zpsts783vxx.jpg

After a slow start it has flowered it's heart out and is just stunning.

 photo aef9f37e-68f6-4db0-809d-a34165400988_zpsdvw5ges9.jpg

It is also very difficult to photograph.

 photo 8bdf4bf5-431f-4b3c-8694-a61c8d8a4f43_zpsmb8ufxkz.jpg

We have added it to our lists of plants that the garden should never be with out.

 photo e4e1c0d3-02e5-424a-a4a9-4458f3607c4c_zpsc5liwg0q.jpg

Our fave Dahlia a 'Bishops Children seedling, brought from the last garden is doing well. 

 photo b6907480-4653-4d70-bdf5-05d318f96ccf_zpswdajhrgh.jpg

It ceates a good focal point at the end of the path.

 photo 7737edeb-4eca-4195-8879-a6c75804ab07_zps2glmm0cv.jpg

We do have rather a lot of things in pots. These have mainly found a home down the side if the house.
It is rather shady but every thing has done rather well.

 photo 262f609d-4440-4c1d-b1fe-1b9fd9aa894e_zpsb64oq573.jpg

Particularly the fuchsias. We now have 30 named varieties which will need a separate post of their own. This is 'Thalia'

 photo 1d0aea97-8615-429a-9f01-0c289b401e64_zpsgnmc9eho.jpg

 Pelargonium Calliope Dark Red

 photo 3d4265e1-edb8-4989-8716-1250d6cb702f_zpsu4thtkfw.jpg

We don't usually mention our indoor plants but we treated ourselves on our visit to the R H S Spring show to Aeschynanthus 'Hot Flash' from the Dibley's Stall

 photo 643699b5-5657-4f2f-8f75-39c35140d997_zpsgsyh7jxb.jpg

It relay was quite small but is growing nicely and this month treated us to a exotic display on the brightest orange flowers imaginable. 

 photo 2c89b597-37e0-4c4f-8a98-9dd27b163779_zpsd2mhhycv.jpg

Well there tiz me dears. Now that I have caught up with the missing posts we are back and ready for the September post which should be more or less on time !