Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Gardens of Delargo Towers - April

Here we are again my lovelies. Spring has sprung and every thing is bursting into growth here at ' Delargo Towers '

Here are is long awaited Narcissus Thalia -

 photo P1240866_zpsd61a87af.jpg

 photo P1240867_zpsaa2bc538.jpg

and Tulip Ronaldo - both are in pots, and sadly have done less and less well each year. This will be their last I fear.

 photo P1240874_zps254faff4.jpg

 photo P1240927_zpsf587e0f7.jpg

the Fritillaria meleagris or Snakeshead Fritillary is a real treat.

 photo P1240864_zps6f65ec43.jpg

 photo P1240900_zpsab7632be.jpg

 photo P1240905_zps553146de.jpg

and new this year, Anemone De Caen

 photo P1240868_zpsf04211b9.jpg


 photo P1240934_zps0e184ab6.jpg

So bright and strong; pure joy on a dull day.

 photo P1240935_zpsa31de07e.jpg

 photo P1240909_zps70fefb65.jpg

 photo P1240910_zpsb4659275.jpg

Well there you have the stars of the month. Now lets see how the rest of the cast are getting on

 photo P1240957_zps29677685.jpg

Our window boxes are planted

 photo P1240958_zps0c0ae97f.jpg

Wallflowers are in bloom - if a little disappointing

 photo P1240959_zpsdda14930.jpg

and excitingly the sole surviving Hollyhock seems to be throwing up a flower shoot.

 photo P1240946_zps21c9cce3.jpg

self sown Virginia Stock are still flowering their little hearts out.

 photo P1240947_zps09f05ce3.jpg

 photo P1240948_zps8314b663.jpg

 photo P1240950_zps24cd691a.jpg

 photo P1240952_zpsa6a8a230.jpg

 photo P1240954_zps4183ade9.jpg

 photo P1240955_zps7b7ac886.jpg

 photo P1240956_zpsea554ac4.jpg

Out the back the pear is looking fab and full of blossom.

 photo P1240857_zpsb0cd8a8c.jpg

 photo P1240859_zps24bf960c.jpg

and everything else is getting on with the business of growing

 photo P1240882_zpsa228ad58.jpg

 photo P1240871_zpsea3653dd.jpg

 photo P1240960_zps3bd3554c.jpg

 photo P1240961_zpse06418f1.jpg

 photo P1240962_zpsfb42900e.jpg

The Fuchsias that were in pots last year have been planted in the border, and their cuttings are in the pots for this.

 photo P1240967_zpsd8e208e7.jpg

the very first of the Aquilegias is looking fab. We will probably have to wait till next month for the rest.

 photo P1240965_zpsa59131a2.jpg

To close here is another newbie bought in at the great expense of £1.25, Diascia. As you may know we are mainly pinks and blues with a little yellow thrown in, so orange is quite an adventure.

 photo P1240913_zps22cb819e.jpg

And a great cause for celebration here at 'Delargo Towers' is our Cymbidium, in flower for the very first time in after 18 years

 photo P1240885_zps31979f24.jpg

roll on May



Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Best of Chums - Knights On Broadway

While scanning the forever interesting tumblr 'The Flaming Curmudgeon'/ 'A screaming queen screams.'
click to have a look.
I came across a celebration of the friendship of two of our most cherished Thespians. the adorable Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen.

So I thought I might join in the love fest.

 photo tSirPatrickStewartandSirIanMckellenarebestfriends2_zpsaafad3bf.jpg

They became friends on  the set of X-Men.(A film I have never seen or wish to).

 photo tSirPatrickStewartandSirIanMckellenarebestfriends6_zps8ecaea42.jpg

Its a joy to see such a close friendship.

 photo tSirPatrickStewartandSirIanMckellenarebestfriends5_zps7401d01a.jpg

Sir Ian is quoted as saying "We’re so close, we’re the same person really,"

 photo tSirPatrickStewartandSirIanMckellenarebestfriends7_zps95b17de8.jpg

lets enjoy their fun ;

 photo tSirPatrickStewartandSirIanMckellenarebestfriends8_zps9bdcd5d2.jpg

 photo tSirPatrickStewartandSirIanMckellenarebestfriends9_zps6b74c673.jpg

 photo tSirPatrickStewartandSirIanMckellenarebestfriends_zps34449d11.jpg

 photo tSirPatrickStewartandSirIanMckellenarebestfriends4_zps07e7e639.jpg

 photo tSirPatrickStewartandSirIanMckellenarebestfriends3_zps33308326.jpg

 photo patrick-and-ian-8__width_580_zps21335273.jpg

 photo patrick-and-ian-4__width_580_zpsd7968f72.jpg

 photo patrick-and-ian-5__width_580_zps08333fc3.jpg

In fact they are such good friends Sir Ian actually married Patrick last September That is he married him to Sunny Odell at Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Sir Ian officiated at the wedding.
Sir Ian got a little choked up at one point, 'There wasn’t a person there who didn’t. I certainly did.' Patrick said and added, the wedding party was 'wild' and that everyone was 'really, properly drunk' the photographer nearly ended up in the lake. '

 photo article-0-1BE610E5000005DC-697_634x475_zps3c0a21b6.jpg

Finally here our chums working together in Becket's Waiting for Godot on Broadway in 2013.

 photo PatrickStewartandIanMcKellenplayVladimirandEstragoninWaitingforGodot_zps3968bdfa.jpeg

Bless um



Sunday, 20 April 2014

Random - Spring in London

Hello me dears.
Its a particularly wet and miserable Easter Sunday here at Delargo Towers. To cheer us up lets remind our selves of how horrid winter was and how fab Spring actually is no matter what the weather. 

We start way back in February with the snowdrops at our doctors surgery.
 photo 1d4aaccc-ca33-4b2f-b62a-1694df713878_zps24d46865.jpg

Ducketts common, N8

 photo duckett_zpsd64d8c06.jpg

Ducketts common, N8

 photo duckett2_zpse8eca9fe.jpg

Manor House, N4

 photo SevenSistersRoad_zps36d6e26b.jpg

Ducketts common, N8

 photo DSC_0037_zps9b677a9f.jpg

A trip to a garden centre is always a must in Spring, Alley Pally - N22

 photo AllyPallygardencentre1_zps430adbae.jpg

 photo AllyPallygardencentre2_zpsa8847196.jpg

 photo AllyPallygardencentre_zpsa5b787c9.jpg

Maidavale, W9

 photo MaidaValecamellia_zpsac136300.jpg

 photo DSC_0039_zpsb4c27481.jpg

St Annes Gardens Islington, N15

 photo StAnnesGardensIslington_zpsa9e45bcb.jpg

Highbury Barn, N5

 photo HighburyBarn1_zps3cefdc76.jpg

Canonbury Gardens.N1

 photo CanonburyGardens_zpsfd80619e.jpg

St Annes Gardens Islington, N15

 photo StAnnesGardensIslington2_zps95a6af58.jpg

Leathermarket Gardens, SE1

 photo LeathermarketGardens_zps87a620b1.jpg

 photo IMG_3230_zps61d3f927.jpg

Guerrilla gardening in Harringay, N4

 photo ladder_zps40ee5140.jpg

Orchids in wood green, N 22

 photo woodgreen0_zpsc534d49c.jpg

Maidavale, W9

 photo 4d354557-3a40-4318-8209-30786c8434b4_zpsbc4f272f.jpg

And to end with cherry blossom in the garden of the lodge to the manor house of Chitts Hill. Sadly it is all that remains the house and farm buildings were demolished in the 1890s

 photo woodgreen9_zps6ef6d885.jpg

Hope you found that jolly