Monday, 31 August 2015

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - August.

Tiz a cold and damp August and all in all a rotten summer. Some things might not doing as well as they should but we are looking rather full here 
at 'Delargo Towers'

 photo P1290335_zpsi173mra2.jpg

Not bad for a new garden in its first growing season

 photo P1290355_zpspkgds3cx.jpg

We have learnt a lot this year and are already starting to plan new things and adjustments for next.

 photo P1290296_zpsuqjncto9.jpg

We wanted the new borders to be as full as possible and we certainly achieved that.

 photo P1290346_zpszmcoqhr3.jpg

Growing most things from seed has been great fun and has given us some true stars.

 photo P1290291_zpszyemceba.jpg

Like Agastache rupestris (Liquorice Mint)

 photo P1290324_zpsfd9hhcam.jpg

Nicotiana x sanderae “Sensation”, mixed has been in flower since spring

 photo P1290369_zps4hdvpa2w.jpg

 photo P1290293_zpsnlyfcx63.jpg

the tree dahlia - Dahlia imperialis and Iochroma (Actinidus) australe 
are growing away but no sign of flowers

 photo P1290294_zpssem69ssa.jpg

New for us this year and a double blessing after the failure of the other lilies  are the two Tower lilies "Honeymoon"

 photo P1290182_zps7m4rldhd.jpg

Another new bought in treat was Phlox paniculata, Well worth £2.50

 photo P1290187_zpsa9commd3.jpg

Back to our home grown
Heliotrope "Dwarf Marine"

 photo 2c749bd5-3688-41a3-aeff-decc4eefcf8d_zpscr97otks.jpg

Another lovely (would never want to be without) Agastache  rupestris

 photo P1290191_zpsjkglw5m9.jpg

Coreopsis grandiflora "Early Sunrise"

 photo P1290223_zpsgmdwyexb.jpg

Tropaeolum peregrinum (Canary Creeper)

 photo P1290234_zpshn0uludb.jpg

Cosmos bipinnatus 'Gazebo Mixed'

 photo P1290283_zpsnlh8gs0c.jpg

From seed last year and started off from tubers this - 
Dahlia "Bishop's Children"

 photo P1290326_zpsdq5mqhf7.jpg

and from seed this year Dahlia "Early Bird". 
It makes for a lovely cut flower but doesn't work so well in the border.

 photo P1290285_zps0uep38js.jpg

 photo P1290351_zpseewnbajc.jpg

We are over the moon with our Coboea scandens and it is halfway up the house and covered in flowers and buds.

 photo P1290286_zpsgugppuwi.jpg

 photo P1290290_zpsmww0shib.jpg

We always wanted Penstemon in the garden but at £5 to £8 a pop, no chance -
but here they are flowering from seed in their first year
(mixed colours – cottage garden variety)

 photo P1290321_zpswxeippsu.jpg

 photo P1290350_zps5n1pwaw6.jpg

God bless 'Wilkinsons'

 photo P1290329_zpshag8dsaq.jpg

 photo P1290332_zpsazbdgzfp.jpg

also from 'Wilko' as cheap as chips and another plant I have always wanted
 Mirabilis Jalapa

 photo P1290368_zpsttqmt2cg.jpg

Perfume treats - Nicotiana sylvestris

 photo P1290364_zps7utbuup4.jpg

and Acidanthera  'Peacock orchid'

 photo P1290353_zpsoaqe8kjc.jpg

It has been so rewarding to fill a garden with a few plants salvaged from our last plot, cuttings, a handful of plants bought on the cheap and a few packets of seeds. Next month should give us a few more treats

 photo P1290235_zps044zhkj2.jpg

By the way -

The giant flower spike of our enormous Hollyhock is no more. It was felled and measured after the very last flower faded, coming in at an amazing 11' 9''

There are plenty of secondary spikes so we hope for more ( but less tall ) flowers soon.

We always have something interesting to get us out into the garden even if the weather isn't nice enough for us to sit outside with  a glass or two of wine...


Sunday, 30 August 2015

Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages

We have recently been watching a rather lovely little TV series on English villages presented by the wonderful Penelope Keith called 'Hidden Villages'. As always she is pure joy, striding around the countryside 'to the manor born'

 photo Penelope Keith Hidden Villages_zpszg1m4bqh.jpg

She is using 'Batsfords', they wrote guide books on all kinds of subjects from 'Drink Your Own Garden,' ( a home-brew guide, using garden ingredients to make alcohol ), books about farming methods ( used in the the 'Victorian kitchen garden' progams ) Through to Cycling Guides and what concerns us at the moment, English villages.

 photo IMG_2256_zpswfbqqeni.jpg

Like her I have been completely smitten by the illustrations of her guide book.

 photo 4193915598_bcd8aa9093_zpsgflz0z9z.jpg

Since a school boy I have been fascinated by how an artist can capture the essence of a landscape just by using blocks of colour, sometimes far better than a more realistic painting or a photo ever could.

In the bottom centre but quite small is the name of the artist who illustrated the Batsford's books,
Sir Brian Cook 

His distinctive vibrant colours were achieved by the Jean Berté process, which used rubber plates and water-based inks

 photo Sir Brian Cook Batsford 1_zpsmfztpmej.jpg
 photo bats wind_zps4krnngaw.jpg
 photo 2_zpsuure9cvc.jpg
 photo Sir Brian Cook Batsford 6_zpsg9blshjd.jpg
 photo bats scot_zpsk40tcl5s.jpg
 photo Sir Brian Cook Batsford 7_zps4mdtdgys.jpg
 photo bats_zpsbejyhhwk.jpg
 photo moor_zpsmrtk0kao.jpg
 photo Sir Brian Cook Batsford 3_zpslegvxs4r.jpg
 photo Sir Brian Cook Batsford 2_zpsre3ue3h9.jpg

In 1928 Sir Brian began working for of the publishing firm of B. T. Batsford, of which his uncle, Harry Batsford, was chairman. 

His first dust jacket was for The Villages of England (1932) when he was 21 years of age.

 photo Sir Brian Cook Batsford 5_zpsutzjwixy.jpg

Following his uncle's death, he was chairman of Batsford, from 1952 until 1974.

 photo OdeToLondon1_zpspmtfj4to.jpg

He was also responsible for some rather lovely railway posters too.

 photo Brian BatsfordSt Ives Cornwall_zpsc2ylhcru.jpeg

Flight Lieutenant Brian Cook was elected as Member of Parliament for Ealing South in 1958 and held the seat until it was abolished in 1974.

 photo Brian Cook 1910-1991_zpspzzepp4d.jpg

Sir Brian Caldwell Cook Batsford 
(18 December 1910 – 5 March 1991)