Sunday, 30 November 2014

N4 The Gardens - November

Here we are me dears at the end of November with a quick random look at the gardens in 'The Gardens'.

 photo P1270284_zpsc9c10347.jpg

 photo P1270286_zps19230b24.jpg

 photo P1270288_zps8c0fbf02.jpg

 photo P1270289_zps12dfc3cf.jpg

 photo P1270296_zps567af5f6.jpg

 photo P1270299_zps67059635.jpg

 photo P1270300_zpsaf0b3ae7.jpg

 photo P1270303_zps48b60290.jpg

 photo 08_zps850bb13c.jpg

 photo 764_zps26047086.jpg

 photo DSC_0009_zps77737046.jpg

 photo DSC_0010_zpse4904271.jpg

This post I thought to include a few photos outside of 'The Gardens' area but still very much in N4.

 photo P1270295_zps1adf4447.jpg

The 'new river' and Finsbury Park in the sunshine.

 photo P1270293_zpse867033a.jpg

And the Dahlia man's garden 'Manor House'

 photo P1270291_zpsd28e85cd.jpg

Back in the Gardens - a pair of legs. God only knows why.

 photo DSC_0001_zpscf70a884.jpg

Till next month then my lovelies 


Random - Toreadors !

Well me dears our annual  trip to Spain to celebrate my birthday is just two months away. On that thought here is a random hotchpotch of Andalusian delights

I would however like to make it clear that no matter how much I like looking at bull fighters 
I do not approve of bull fighting itself.

So then to get us in the mood, here is the Divine Isabel Pantoja and 'Se Me Enamora el Alma ' with some dancing boys thrown in for good measure.

With la Pantoja ringing in your ears the following random selection from tumblr should be jolly.
 photo posted4_zps9cf259b1.jpg
 photo posted5_zpse2c325a5.jpg
 photo posted2_zpsfc1ad776.jpg
 photo posted11_zpsd8bc1662.jpg
 photo posted9_zps0c575032.jpg
 photo posted10_zpsfef269c0.jpg
 photo posted3_zps16127b39.jpg
 photo posted7_zps1755d302.jpg
 photo posted6_zps1c3000dd.jpg
 photo posted8_zpsbf241cd0.jpg
 photo tumblr_laeltgKWgU1qcj84mo1_500_zps0a24d307.jpg
 photo posted14_zpsb4bf6b92.jpg
 photo posted12_zps3260d501.jpg
 photo posted13_zps47e7f9ca.jpg
 photo posted_zps2cedbcb8.jpg
 photo posted1_zps1439685c.jpg
 photo matadorbulge_zps1c54da37.jpg
 photo tumblr_mkpjtwUL6q1qcj84mo1_1280_zps1e227841.jpg
 photo posted15_zpse7c20e10.jpg
 photo tumblr_lud2202kux1qcj84mo1_1280_zpscf22acc9.jpg
and finally just in case you thought it all a bit too macho. 

There tiz then my lovelies.
The flight and apartment are both booked
and I cant wait to get a bit of Spanish culture.


The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - November 2014.

Well here we are me dears at the end of an extraordinarily mild November.
The window boxes and tubs are all looking a bit sad and damp now but still doing their best to give us some flowers. 

 photo P1270280_zps84b66a31.jpg

 photo P1270282_zps600c4d83.jpg

 photo P1270279_zps1407d8b7.jpg

 photo P1270278_zpsa4546980.jpg

 photo P1270277_zpsfe532c1e.jpg

Time me thinks to put them to bed for the winter and bring out the pansies and violas.

 photo P1270283_zpsb21e82df.jpg

The wallflowers were in poor condition when they arrived late from Thompson & Morgan but thanks to the mild month the ones that survived the post have settled in nicely now.
This Spring we will sow our own for planting out next Autumn.

 photo P1270275_zps700181de.jpg

Not much change in the garden since last month.

 photo P1270276_zps2f639ce8.jpg

The foxes haven't been to bothersome.

 photo P1270274_zps27dc3205.jpg

Every thing looks cosy waiting for Spring. 
In our fab ( cheap ) plastic greenhouse we have done some early sowing. 
Calendula, penstemon and salvia have all germinated. 
We will keep you posted on how the experiment develops.

 photo P1270257_zps35a5f375.jpg

 photo P1270265_zps06bd7b36.jpg

 photo P1270264_zpsd8ce21ec.jpg

 photo P1270262_zps44391e21.jpg

Time to think of sorting out the pelagoniums and dahlias -

 photo P1270263_zps084dc69a.jpg

and fuchsias.

 photo P1270260_zpsee661a4b.jpg

 photo P1270258_zpsfd151d2b.jpg

The delicate looking aserina is in fact as tough as old boots and should come through the winter with out any help.

 photo P1270255_zpsb7806a1f.jpg

As I said earlier time to switch over the window boxes ready for winter proper.

 photo P1270271_zps2b1fc391.jpg

The violas should make a good display

 photo P1270268_zpsa58128fe.jpg

They are planted with bulbs so should look fab right through to May and beyond.

 photo P1270261_zpsccb2cf88.jpg

There tiz then.