Friday, 30 September 2016

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - September

Here we are my lovelies back up to date just in time to say goodbye to September and with it the Summer.

I have rather neglected taking photos of the front of 'Delargo Towers' lately. This is particularly remiss of me as it is rather cram packed with plants this year.

 photo f3945947-4e93-4e9f-9e43-1a3166ba08b6_zpszpimeu8u.jpg

Asarina scandens

 photo adaef022-2f33-4444-9010-44282f025413_zpsvd0f8efn.jpg

 photo d3d5bf88-be5d-4fb4-bedf-99933501134a_zpsl3dplgiu.jpg

as indeed is the main border.

 photo 8ad0b5d8-0336-494e-9e8c-23eea0a9a6a5_zpsterxmhjm.jpg

Cleome and Nicotiana mutabilis are still flowering - but this is the month for the Salvias to take centre stage
That is apart from Salvia transylvanica which we grew from seed this year. It is alive and in the border but not doing much, perhaps next year.

 photo 88386088-cb5d-4ed1-b5f4-5b08006de1b9_zpsjeopdp7h.jpg

Salvia 'Amistad'

 photo fa6b1906-802d-4c99-9dae-704044905a6b_zpsmjjiibzf.jpg

Salvia uliginosa

 photo 061b9ec3-b486-4882-8757-f19b016456cd_zpshmk0ogly.jpg

Salvia guaranitica “Blue Enigma”

 photo 410747ee-59be-4023-8d6e-41125b09a07e_zpscjeiz7xy.jpg

Salvia longispicata x farinacea “Mystic Blue”

 photo 4595c4ab-2cef-401b-802d-462ff6cdb8a8_zpsod6zvusg.jpg

Salvia farinacea “Sally fun”

 photo 72b0cfbb-6958-4042-99f6-db23d5ae5189_zps0qmhrpad.jpg

Salvia patens “Patio Deep Blue”

 photo 17b6f4a6-d6a8-4e8d-98aa-b39c7b339ca0_zpssq5e02lw.jpg

Ipomoea 'Heavenly Blue'

 photo 5d1a48a4-5bf9-4b27-8ca9-0285bb186eba_zpshumrrelp.jpg

Monarda hybrida, 'Bergamo'

 photo 15710e59-1ade-4e14-8e1c-5cf888d3b555_zpsssyc5kvy.jpg

 photo cd490e03-f607-41b9-a271-42440a24010d_zps1yu1kco8.jpg

Our new 'hot border' will need a bit of a rethink for next year.

 photo 713ca8a0-e044-4a2c-b861-46d1c6dd5f4f_zpsupdsehsl.jpg

It has worked but will need a boost of new plants next year.

 photo 60454919-a1cb-4884-86e0-bf6445a35822_zpskmjwyixk.jpg

The 'Spanish Flag' - Ipomoea (Mina) lobata is just stunning and flowering non stop.

 photo a208887e-cc47-49a5-9923-67cab6f42645_zpsw4m9nrko.jpg

 photo 29b4dd8a-957c-4a78-bd8e-24e1002a4cb2_zpss04vnbiq.jpg

Although the pots have not had all the attention they deserved this summer - I am sure they would have liked a bit more regular watering and feeding (mildew!) - but hey there is only so much you can do. Even so they are still looking fab.

 photo 0b0adeb7-bc44-4a50-95a3-d4a27d7e0003_zpsrukzhioq.jpg

Dahlia 'Bishops Children' -

 photo 9035130a-a92b-45d1-88d6-013d69966757_zpswlowjedz.jpg

 photo 8a40583b-dd56-4107-a739-84c019766e2f_zpsdzktnc0z.jpg

 photo 6449eb2d-12c1-420a-8879-4e87f15f1d22_zpsr9lquh3e.jpg

 photo fb123d00-e221-4f06-b57c-c37ba9b59ecd_zpsmvf7vz2i.jpg

Dahlia 'Early Bird'

 photo ca5cbf52-7176-4a50-9674-72248abcf85f_zpst6a0uz6r.jpg

more 'Bishops Children'

 photo 7939017b-c622-475f-a103-3fb6f50c0fec_zpssxvtxeo8.jpg

With 30 types of Fuchsias there is no space to feature them here. 
Now that I have caught up with myself on the The 'Delargo Towers' Garden posts I shall give them their own page next time.

 photo a300e4d6-a6d6-49f5-a672-959a113b5f9e_zps2i0ljmm1.jpg

We can just about get in and out of the back door.

 photo 1e9d299b-00e5-463d-8721-21a53e45c761_zps0wxwjiqw.jpg

So much nicer than concrete.

 photo 4505d961-6b58-4766-b6da-c38bc6e090a6_zps9pocuerd.jpg

Nicotiana sylvestris has done very well this year both in pots and in the front. It has been in flower for ages.

 photo 5dce32f3-d6f4-4213-941c-672d514efe82_zpsiuek2qim.jpg

 photo 67d05345-3a01-4e6f-8b6a-697034ef614e_zps1dnqwl88.jpg

Mirabilis jalapa, the 'Marvel of Peru'

 photo 3f441264-ced0-4bd9-bd6a-81f67443e39e_zpsr12evacc.jpg

Another one of my all time favourite plants Zaluzianskya ovata -  'Night Scented Phlox' .

 photo c890ee06-0542-4d78-9f51-a56f5a2b86e6_zpsgx8efjvu.jpg

Cobaea scandens 'Purple'

 photo 892b141e-7270-48ae-91d7-c98ba79f11d8_zpshmccnbwi.jpg

Calibrachoea ('Million Bells')

 photo cd0ce13f-dfee-4317-af70-2501862e5be2_zpsvyl5cliw.jpg

Well there we are. 
I am so pleased, nay relieved, to be back up to date.
Till next time then me dears, when we will see what October has in store for us.