Thursday, 19 November 2015

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - November

Hello me dears Summer is well and truly over and we are almost at the end of November.
A rotten Summer to be sure but the cosmos have done us proud this year.

 photo P1300636_zpspua62u2e.jpg

The ones in the second bed are particularly tall and look fab en-mas.

 photo P1300641_zps5rrpmhra.jpg

Our fuchsias

 photo P1300634_zpswhgr7b3t.jpg

 photo P1300633_zpstjt73dez.jpg

 photo P1300647_zpsaml7zalj.jpg

 photo P1300648_zpsnn3dkd8u.jpg


 photo P1300661_zpsz1as93si.jpg

 photo P1300657_zps02iwp2an.jpg

The ipomea is trying to make up for lost time but the weather is against it

 photo P1300625_zpsfuicplg4.jpg

 photo P1300677_zpscwtfhujd.jpg

 photo P1300682_zpshnf7vy0r.jpg

We have started to get the front organised for the change of season and the wallflowers are in.

 photo P1300668_zpslozjvanq.jpg

Along with a few of the Iochroma australis

 photo P1300674_zpsgtloomiy.jpg

Dahlias are being lifted ready to be shipped to Essex.

 photo P1300673_zpsjubzglfd.jpg

and the Summer widow boxes have been replaced -

 photo P1300669_zpscnlej6pq.jpg

with viola 'Morpho'

 photo P1300671_zps7egn0h3n.jpg

 photo P1300670_zpsmz5zqsa6.jpg

The beds -

 photo P1300623_zpsbdqqsu8u.jpg

 photo P1300649_zpszr5envik.jpg

 photo P1300655_zpsk8gtjpat.jpg

Dahlia Imperialis  'Tree Dahlia', It might not be its promised 20' and might not have a flower but we love it

 photo P1300651_zpstuyht2kx.jpg
On hold
 photo P1300652_zps6zflgezv.jpg

in the green house.

 photo P1300643_zpsm9bxji0k.jpg

The plantlets and seedlings are all doing well.

 photo P1300645_zpsnaxmy5tr.jpg

You can see the full list of names in last months post

 photo P1300646_zpsadxk3ctd.jpg

Now its time to get the kettle on and go through the seed catalogues