Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Gardens of Delargo Towers - November.

Here we are again me dears at the end of a blustery but mild November.
The cosmos have held on have eventually flowered.

 photo P1220919_zps12e07d45.jpg

 photo P1220922_zps7ae75f51.jpg

 photo P1220916_zpsef4d6eb1.jpg

 photo P1220915_zpse5e8631e.jpg

 photo P1220914_zpsbf6fa2d0.jpg

While the petunias' really are over and will be turned out and replaced with winter violas'.

 photo P1220917_zps44f57614.jpg

The cosmos in the back garden are flowering despite it all too.

 photo 93930f13-a910-400d-b56e-449e0b19a6ca_zpse870f72a.jpg

 photo P1220931_zps1d85e2ad.jpg

 photo P1220929_zpsb9856b2d.jpg

 photo P1220926_zpsa627e306.jpg

 photo P1220905_zps84c873b9.jpg

 photo P1220902_zpsd2daf391.jpg

One would expect the geraniums to battling on and indeed they are.

 photo P1220923_zps2f58e7bc.jpg

 photo P1220912_zpsdb9a177f.jpg

 photo P1220910_zpsf9986669.jpg

 photo P1220937_zpse712b22e.jpg

Fuchsias' too

 photo P1220934_zpsfeb91ec3.jpg

 photo P1220935_zps3165f8c7.jpg

As well as the lovely asarina and osteospermum.

 photo P1220911_zps284df311.jpg

and the unstoppable nasturtiums.

 photo P1220903_zpsb47b7a0e.jpg

So far so good on the cuttings.

 photo P1220913_zpsaafa3f8c.jpg

'Doncaster Donny' is impatient for us to get on with sorting things out for Winter and to start preparing for the Spring.

 photo P1220941_zpsaa110172.jpg

With Spring bulbs and bare rooted wallflowers on the way and a good old sort out it should be all change next month.



Friday, 29 November 2013

Random - Tiaras

Just because.

 photo 20_zps491b05ee.jpg

 photo VladimirTiaraPearls_zpsfe283131.jpg

 photo tumblr_mrd1tsSTMU1rjkeyio1_1280_zpsd9156025.jpg

 photo tumblr_mrd13rmupE1rjkeyio1_1280_zps52099114.jpg

 photo tumblr_m2xd2h9swt1qcj84mo1_1280_zps8171525d.jpg

 photo tumblr_magyk4YbvC1qcj84mo1_1280_zps401254e0.jpg

 photo tumblr_lzedi4RpAg1rp9i3ro1_500_zps05e4261c.png

 photo tumblr_mrd1rq2Uve1rjkeyio1_500_zpse4d3c465.jpg

 photo tumblr_mqy1u4A7vz1rjkeyio1_1280_zpsb809487b.jpg

 photo tumblr_m3b5k1cSUv1qcj84mo1_500_zps04ec82c0.jpg

 photo tumblr_m2pxe781SO1qcj84mo1_1280_zps686278fa.jpg

 photo tumblr_lz2j12GzeL1qcj84mo1_1280_zps077c7fc8.png

 photo TheLeuchtenbergSapphireTiarafromSweden_zps9170bd46.jpg

 photo TheGirlsofGreatBritainandIrelandTiara_zps4f481016.jpg

 photo PortlandTiara_zps26f1046e.jpg

 photo TheBelgianScrollTiarafromLuxembourg_zps2a3fa8e4.jpg

 photo emerald_tiara_fs_zps5476adc9.jpg

 photo QueenVictoriaSapphireCoronet2_zps5706f001.jpg

 photo Poltimore_Tiara_zps1290b9e6.jpg

 photo DuchessofDevonshireemeraldtiara_zpsbc490da5.jpg

 photo BraganzaTiaraCloseUp_zps378fb9f4.jpg

 photo DelhiDurbarTiara_zps2e253fad.jpg

 photo smaragden-empire1_zps84247d22.jpg

 photo TheSpencerTiara_zps7be18af8.jpg

 photo QueenMaryrsquosdiamondtiara_zpsa6e90ea8.jpg

 photo FifeTiara_zps08ba3635.jpg

 photo Thediamondfringetiara_zps833ceaef.jpg

Yes I do know that at least one of them is a coronet , not a tiara but hey !

I would be happy with any of them, though I do have a couple of favourites


Hope you have enjoyed looking as much as I have.



Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Random statues of London # 1 of a series

During a wander around the City of London the other day with Alistair we stumbled across a statue I had never seen before. Now, the Parliamentary reformer John Wilkes has always been a hero of mine - and there in Fetter Lane is his statue.

 photo JohnWilkesstatuefetterlane_zps600b021e.jpg

This put me in mind of this project. I had started it a while ago, but as we lost so many pics when our last pcs' hard drive broke it was put on a bit of a back-burner. Without pics of my own to post I will kick off with some random ones from the interweb. As always, I assume them to be in the public domain but will of course remove them if asked. So here we go, me dears, with a random selection of statues I either love, hate or have been surprised by.

How many do you know, answers on a postcard please (or you could just leave a comment).

# 2 - interesting
 photo HodgeTheCat_zpsc38a2898.jpg

# 3 interesting
 photo SamuelJohnsonstclemdane_zpsdde63a1c.jpg

# 4 - loved
 photo Jeteacute1975byEnzoPlazzotta_zpsa8944e28.jpg

# 5 - hated
 photo statueSirCharlieChaplinleicestersquare-myworst_zpsee611569.jpg

# 6 - interesting
 photo beau_brummell_statue_jermyn_street_zps122923ab.jpg

# 7 - loved
 photo QuadrigaonWellingtonArch-lighter_zpsaa4e1c50.jpg

# 8 - loved
 photo 64573164-ed29-4e99-bdf2-e32fa94fadbd_zpsdf59b571.jpg

# 9 - loved
 photo SouthwarkWarMemorial_zpsb14e8d62.jpg

# 10 - loved
 photo BoywithaDolphin_zpsc29ad0ae.jpg

# 11 - interesting
 photo ImperialCamelCorps_zps45f2faf9.jpg

# 12 - loved
 photo Eros-Statue-Piccadilly-Circus-Pictures-1-1_zps6e6346a8.jpg

# 13 - loved
 photo GreatWesternRailwayWarMemorialbyCharlesSargeantJagger_zpsa933c53d.jpg

# 14 - loved
 photo SouthBankLion_zpsc48a96bf.jpg

# 15 - love and moved by.
 photo DaedalusbyJamesButlerRA-Fleet_Air_Arm-Memorial_zps4f9ec96c.jpg

# 16 - loved
 photo achillesstatuehydepark_zps97a279f1.jpg

# 17 - loved
 photo jbet_zps01b8e398.jpg

# 18 - hated
 photo TheMeetingPlace_zpsf9249525.jpg

# 19 - interesting
 photo AustraliaHouse_zpsd1bafb5a.jpg

# 20 - hated
 photo Statue_Of_Sherlock_Holmes-Marylebone_Road_zps1841f2b3.jpg

# 21 - loved
 photo 5b75cd45-f35e-4c30-b1fa-7d2b9ecd50e8_zps8b9d4116.jpg

# 22 - interesting
 photo giltboycornerofCockLane_zps10cd59b0.jpg

# 23 - loved
 photo NicFiddian-calledMarwariHorseatWater_zps502937a9.jpg

# 24 - loved
 photo edithcavell_zpse8f194b3.jpg

# 25 - The jury is still out on this one ! Love the bust hate the coffin.
 photo ConversewithMaggiHamblings_zpsd4b3c449.jpg

Well there tiz me dears.
I am sure you know most, if not all. 
Answers below  and
There are also links to more info on Wiki if you want to read more.

#1 =  John Wilkes (Fetter Lane) 
more info - 

#2 = Hodge ( Gough Square ) - He was one of Samuel Johnson's cats.
more info -

#3 = Samuel Johnson ( close to St Clement Dane's church )
more info -

#4 = Jeté by Enzo Plazzotta 1921–1981 ( Millbank )
more info -

#5 = Charlie Chaplin ( Leicester Square ). As far as I can tell no one admits to doing this and it seems to have been removed.

#6 = Beau Brummell ( Jermyn Street )
more info -

#7 = 
The angel of peace by Adrian Jones ( Wellington Arch )
 more info -

#8 = The Albert Memorial ( Kensington Gardens,)
more info -

#9 = Southwark War Memorial by Philip Lindsey Clark 1889-1977  ( Borough High Street SE1 )
more info - 

#10 = Boy And Dolphin by David Wynne  ( Cheyne Walk SW10 )
more info - 

#11 = Imperial Camel Corps London memorial ( Embankment Gardens )
more info -

#12 = the Greek god Anteros aka Eros ( Piccadilly Circus )
more info -

#13 = Great Western Railway War Memorial by Charles Sargeant Jagger ( Paddington )

more info - 

#14 = The Red Lion, aka the South Bank Lion by William F. Woodington ( Westminster Bridge )
more info

##15 = Daedalus  by James Butler, Fleet Air Arm Memorial ( Victoria Embankment Gardens )
more info -

#16 = Achilles by Sir Richard Westmacott, RA 1775 – 1856 ( Hyde Park )
more info - 

#17 = Sir John Betjeman  by Martin Jennings (  St Pancras )
more info -

#18 = The Meeting Place by Paul Day (  St Pancras )
more info -

#19 = Phoebus Driving the Horses of the Sun  by  Sir Bertram Mackennal ( Australia House, Aldwych )
more info -

#20 = Sherlock Holmes by  John Doubleday (  Baker Street tube station )
more info -

#21 = The Boy David by Francis Derwent Wood 1871-1926 ( Hyde Park Corner )
more info -

#22 = The Golden Boy of Pye Corner ( Smithfield )
more info - 

#23 = Still Water by Nic Fiddian-Green ( Marble Arch )
more info - 

#24 = Memorial to Edith Cavell by Sir George Frampton ( St Martin's Place )
more info -

#25 = Conversation with Oscar Wilde by Maggi Hambling ( Adelaide Street )
more info -


 Let me know what you think 
and make suggestions for the next set if you like.
Next time with me own photos