Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - September 2014

Here we are again my lovelies. September is fading away and with it yet another Summer. Our thoughts now are to get ready for winter and of course Spring .
Masses of Wallflowers and Daffodils have been ordered along with tulips and pansies but before we get to far ahead lets look at the state of play this month.

 photo P1260348_zpsa75eb93e.jpg

The two overgrown roses that came with the garden are a joy. No idea what they are called but they are fab.

 photo Rosewallpaper_zps476cfb68.jpg

 photo P1260681_zpsdf6b57a8.jpg

The window boxes are hanging on despite the dry Summer.

 photo P1260684_zpse5180434.jpg

 photo P1260347_zpsf95f7e98.jpg

You can see here the evil Japanese Knot Weed. I am glad to say that after two separate attacks with glyphosate it has (for the moment) disappeared.

 photo P1260352_zps8a5863e5.jpg

We have also now started work on creating some beds to put plants into.
Both in the front -

 photo P1260680_zpsa30d3d57.jpg

and at the back.

 photo P1260675_zps07c21348.jpg

In the meantime things are flowering away on there own with very little help from us.

 photo P1260354_zps512fefc3.jpg

 photo P1260356_zps89bed884.jpg

 photo P1260371_zps44ceb211.jpg

 photo P1260361_zpsbe1dd1c5.jpg

 photo P1260362_zps09a309ca.jpg

 photo P1260667_zps129252bf.jpg

 photo P1260462_zps9bbf63db.jpg

 photo P1260358_zpsc454f631.jpg

 photo P1260673_zpse26f3078.jpg

- Breaking News Flash -

Just in time to catch the September post - 
We have bought a greenhouse!

 photo P1260677_zpscdad5418.jpg

Ok. its plastic and ugly but its big, affordable and should do the job. We love it

At last we are getting to grips with the garden. 

who knows our little gnome friend Donny might come back to us. 
He is still sulking after the loss our last garden.

 photo P1260670_zps00d8d246.jpg



Saturday, 27 September 2014

Random Royal Totty

Here we are me dears with a very random Royal flight of fancy.

 photo PrinceofWalesherein1925_zps44538d31.jpg

Edward Prince of Wales 1925

 photo EdwardVIIIdukeofwindsor_zps066e52d8.jpg

 photo PrinceWilliamofGloucester-grandsonofKingGeorgeV_zpsda29bb52.jpg

Prince William of Gloucester - grandson of King George V.

 photo PrinceGeorgeDukeofKent1934_zpsf279d5c9.jpg

Prince George, Duke of Kent, 1934

 photo LouisMountbattenEarlMountbattenofBurma_zpsa4eac29c.jpg

Louis Mountbatten, Earl Mountbatten of Burma

 photo NicholasII_zps82c3743b.jpg

Nicholas II

 photo NapoleonEugegraveneLouisBonaparteThePrinceImperial_zps82b5d5aa.jpg

Napoleon Eugène Louis Bonapart

 photo FrancisdukeofTeckHewasQueenMaryacutesfatherandwasrumoredtobehomosexual_zps92f4d86f.jpg

Francis, duke of Teck. He was Queen Mary´s father and was rumoured to be homosexual.

 photo ArchdukeHubertSalvatorofAustria_zps6a71e356.jpg

Archduke Hubert Salvator of Austria.

 photo GrandDukeJeanofLuxembourgwhenPrince1940s_zps948fe5e2.jpg

Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg 1940.

 photo KaiserWilhelmII1880_zpse4f531e5.jpg

Kaiser Wilhelm II. 1880

 photo GrandDukesPaulandSergeiAlexandrovichofRussiabrothersofAlexanderIIIca1885_zpsdec6ac85.jpg

Grand Dukes Paul and Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia, brothers of Alexander III, ca 1885

 photo PrinceAlbertVictorDukeofClarence_zps9220bd8c.jpg

Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence

 photo LudwigIIofBavaria_zps11b697ba.jpg

Ludwig II of Bavaria.

 photo ManuelIIofPortugal_zps2efe1b43.jpg

Manuel II of Portugal

 photo KoumlnigFerdinandvonRumaumlnienKingofRomania1865_zpsbde8f498.jpg

King Ferdinand von Rumänien, King of Romania 1865

 photo KingAlfonsoXIIIofSpainc1910_zps9530ba90.jpg

King Alfonso XIII of Spain, c.1910

 photo KingLeopoldIIIofBelgium_zpsfb42244b.jpg

King Leopold III of Belgium

 photo TheCrownprinceoftheHellenesGeorgeofOldenburgSchleswigHolsteinSonderburgGlucksburgLaterKingGeorgiosII_zps56a08a75.jpg

Crown Prince George of Oldenburg Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Glucksburg, Later King Georgios II of Greece.

 photo HRHPrincePhilipDukeofEdinburgh_zpsb98486cb.jpg

HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

 photo TheDukeofYorkGeorgeVIandthePrinceofWalesEdwardVIII_zps50f8cd31.jpg

The Duke of York (George VI) and the Prince of Wales (Edward VIII)

 photo EdwardPrinceofWalesandLordLouisMountbattensharingasmallcanvaspool_zps28643cc2.jpg

Edward, Prince of Wales, and Lord Louis Mountbatten

 photo tumblr_mbatz7Jrid1qcidxzo1_1280_zps3c06c41f.jpg

HRH Prince William.

 photo PrinceWilliam_zpsa45861fe.jpg

As they say its not the destination
but the journey

keep posted for more random nonsense