Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Gardens of Delargo Towers - May

Hello me dears.
It's the last day of May and everything is growing away like mad. This year has been the third warmest May (if not the sunniest) since records began. With all the work we put in through the Spring, and with new plants, this summer was full of promise to give us the best garden ever here at 'Delargo Towers' - but sadly, no !

You can imagine our shock when found out that we would have to move, and that June would be the last month we would have in our garden here. (We have not told the plants yet.) So it is with a mixture of joy and sadness that we kick of our little tour of the gardens of 'Delargo Towers' with this month's stars of the show - the Aquilegia.
All of the photos were taken mid month.

 photo P1250102_zpsc0478370.jpg

 photo P1250099_zps7a118cf1.jpg

 photo P1250103_zps8c331830.jpg

 photo P1250132_zps499c9a20.jpg

 photo P1250131_zpsd06b7aac.jpg

 photo P1250114_zpsaec9a4a5.jpg

 photo P1250113_zps4c3ba68d.jpg

 photo P1250140_zpsf1733199.jpg

We planted the Wallflowers rather late this year and were only able to get dwarf ones bare rooted, and they were a little disappointing. They are starting to go over now but the Virginia Stock sown in the spring are just starting to flower.

 photo P1250123_zps93e553f4.jpg

All the window boxes are filling up nicely.

 photo P1250124_zpscc3d790b.jpg

Verbena and Calibrachoa:

 photo P1250117_zps04eb6a6e.jpg

One of the many regrets about losing the garden will be leaving the Hollyhock behind. We have struggled to grow these since we moved, in and have eventually brought one on - growing in a disused air vent - right next to the door and appearing to be growing out of nothing- it reminds us of Amsterdam.

 photo P1250126_zps68766c30.jpg

We have never seen it flower but it is now full of bud.

 photo P1250125_zpseb674125.jpg

 photo P1250121_zps446841ac.jpg

Doncaster Donny our little gnome chum is so put out by the news of the move he has sent a stand-in this month:

 photo P1250127_zps997b388f.jpg

 photo P1250118_zps40616b72.jpg

A single colour theme for the Petunias this year.

 photo P1250120_zps9942fb4f.jpg

Meanwhile, out the back...

 photo P1250106_zps1c4fd1c7.jpg

As with the Hollyhock we have struggled with Lupins (above) but it's doing rather well and has flowered since this photo was taken.

 photo P1250105_zps5e869340.jpg

The beds are looking full.

 photo P1250135_zpsf57cbae6.jpg

 photo P1250107_zps5dee8bdc.jpg

 photo P1250101_zps70bfdc16.jpg

and the Delphiniums are full of promise. Grown from seed, they are a delight.

 photo P1250095_zpsedb092d1.jpg

 photo P1250096_zps68e63b37.jpg

A table of prospective homeless orphans.

 photo P1250104_zpsfb373c49.jpg

The Osteospermum has flowered through the winter the Asarina is romping away:

 photo P1250133_zpsf2d9cb78.jpg

and the lillies are getting ready to do their stuff.

 photo P1250108_zpsaf1d2437.jpg

I never used to like geraniums (Pelargoniums) but they add so much colour through the year I would never be without them now.

 photo P1250137_zpscd345acc.jpg

 photo P1250141_zps5f4fa192.jpg

When I started this blog I was not sure it was worthwhile or if anyone would read it, let alone follow our goings-on in the garden. Now, four years down the line and a house move around the corner, it has proved to be a wonderful way of keeping a garden diary and a record. I am so pleased that I have it to take with me and to look back on.

I heartily recommend it to any one no matter how small your garden or indeed window box. Fab though it is to have a reader it really doesn't matter if no one looks at it or comments.The pleasure is in doing it and being able to look back.

Roll on next month.



Thursday, 29 May 2014

Random - Gorgeousness

The weather is miserable, money is to tight to mention- and we are moving house - so here are a few lovely things to take our minds off the sheer drudgery of it all.

 photo Queen-Mary-First-fwd-Cocktail-Bar_zps176de5ca.jpg

RMS Queen Mary's Cocktail Bar which overlooked the bow of the ship.

 photo tumblr_mqvdb1W6Ht1runk2uo3_r1_1280_zpse5782e13.jpg
I love this cocktail cabinet and radiogram. How fab is that.

 photo tumblr_mqvdb1W6Ht1runk2uo1_1280_zps7a53df8c.jpg

 photo 1968AloisiaRucellaieveningbaggoldandplatinumtranslucentenameldiamondsandrubies_zpsb3bbe2b7.jpg
Aloisia Rucellai evening bag made with gold and platinum and set with translucent enamel, diamonds, and rubies. 1968

 photo tumblr_mfijk1KA7Y1qcj84mo1_1280_zps4f747860.jpg

 photo Zephyrclock_zpsbae9315a.jpg

The "Zephyr" clock. designed by Kem Weber. copper case with brass trim. 1933.

 photo doesmyasslookbiginthis_zps264a7679.jpg

 photo BarbaraHuttonjadenecklacebyCartier_zps93984659.jpg

 photo ElthamPalaceDeco-0012_zps919d6240.jpg
my dream house, Eltham Palace.

René Lalique peacocks

 photo DaisyFelloweswearingherCartierTuttiFruttiNecklace_zps62466d33.jpg
Daisy Fellowes wearing her Cartier Tutti Frutti Necklace

 photo cartier_zps08e36ced.jpg

 photo 000053e1_big_zps5a37d6dc.jpeg
No idea about the next set but I love 'um'.

 photo x_zps6744e033.jpg

 photo tumblr_mzhnqzeK571rxhfhbo1_1280_zps119b3456.jpg

 photo tumblr_mjjzi7a4gc1rr2uwho1_1280_zpsc8ada5ff.jpg

 photo tumblr_n0036oBLo41sctjfho1_1280_zpsb986ccdd.jpg

 photo 269183-shoes-christian-louboutin_zpse4f06ef2.jpg
Christian Louboutin

 photo tumblr_mrd14x64Jh1rjkeyio1_1280_zpsb67972d4.jpg

 photo tumblr_mic82bspvi1qcj84mo1_500_zps2f8165a9.jpg

 photo tumblr_ms3dzfWPbS1rjkeyio1_400_zpsa3721378.jpg

 photo tumblr_n37gnamr981rttlrno1_1280_zps7b43b688.jpg

 photo tumblr_mknuy5TxHy1qhq1sso1_500_zpsdf8da346.jpg

 photo ReneacuteLaliqueDragonflywomancorsageornament2_zpsdc463339.jpg
More Lalique - Dragonfly woman corsage ornament,

 photo ReneacuteLaliqueDragonflywomancorsageornament_zps1b2ac9a8.jpg

OK I don't need this trunk but I want it !

 photo LouisVuittonPortableHairSalon_zps368d174a.jpg

To close here are some more photos of the interior of the fabulous Eltham Palace.

 photo PG683049_942long_zpscf2fdc5d.jpg

 photo eltham-palace-details1_zps1073ba1e.jpg

 photo eltham-palace-ceiling-rug_zps570bdede.jpg

 photo tumblr_n0qggqMo3D1s2drfjo1_1280_zps36d38c18.jpg

There. I feel better now!