Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - November

Well me dears it was a mild November, that is until we had a few harsh frosts towards the end of it.
Luckily these photos were taken just before they hit

 photo a9f9eedf-b49d-4746-a9bb-a4376185e892_zpsgt3ftyrb.jpg

The salvias and nicotiana were still flowering away.

 photo cda9d4e7-030d-4454-84a6-f689150394be_zpsi1zbjvd1.jpg

 photo 7d4244dd-63b7-4c79-8229-b40f4459da2a_zpsevkrd9ss.jpg

 photo 6408df59-526d-491f-9efb-f70a1e133cc3_zps77tjl1me.jpg

as were the penstemons and coreopsis.

 photo 1cd7a68f-2b7e-4f5b-ac3c-64ad9d459e8b_zpstfwdhaq8.jpg

 photo 1166c0ca-2557-4a69-a6e3-18213ef0924f_zps0la4elhv.jpg

This nastertium is now just a black mush.

 photo 81f2211a-9080-4756-825f-b9e6fd4a9b07_zpsv43cieke.jpg

The fuchsias are still flowering though.

 photo 6548e618-0db4-4a28-8576-d6d1f89b893f_zpstri3c16b.jpg

 photo 4be87209-6b8f-4952-92a1-e17eefeb9f1b_zpsfht1a62a.jpg

Winston Churchill.

 photo eb987b3a-d073-4605-93d6-71cb9fb339ae_zps75sebw3d.jpg


 photo 6c2244ab-048a-424d-8f2f-424acd024894_zpsun3uiadk.jpg


 photo 18a571bf-8332-4091-9c44-a117ef629bc9_zpsce3dbbwv.jpg

and Billy Green.

 photo ee70a59b-aaf6-4d19-a253-839597787e3b_zpsqwau49vd.jpg

All of the osteospermums have been very disappointing this year with lots of growth but few flowers.
This one seems to be trying to make up for it.

 photo 28b6f1a1-55cd-4291-a9a6-187ee504c857_zps6ikmqax8.jpg

The wonderful cobaea is still doing it stuff even after the frost.

 photo 69201135-8fc5-484e-afc9-d4977832b8a1_zpsneiw9fpw.jpg

 photo d60568fb-8aa0-4e26-b3e8-b0787a87367f_zpspf5jpolx.jpg

 photo a558d1d4-4669-4671-ac47-ea4e1497dc76_zps3ea73lzp.jpg

The pelargoniums are sheltering alongside the kitchen wall.

 photo 7870928d-e84a-4792-b41c-1bdafbcb837e_zpsxg9g1yep.jpg

All in all the garden looked very good this month,
even if a little too cold and damp to sit out in it for long

 photo P1340184_zpscwgsl57c.jpg

 photo 2b24cb44-4481-49d2-a53d-e1be58c77057_zps2vuiuokb.jpg

 photo 43f2edb1-dcd6-4e7f-8b84-901e28b4064f_zpsjhyy4i3e.jpg

Indoors the lovely Aeschynanthus “Hot Flash” is giving us another flush .

 photo 45e98886-b21d-47ef-9891-87c24d50e13d_zpsescotr4x.jpg

 photo 2f5a7047-a2b0-4ef5-85cd-06b34b232ea3_zpsdvj6wiy4.jpg

 photo ed2be8a8-71ec-40d0-ba87-41aa10f86f7f_zpspcyccvoo.jpg

We treated our selves to a massive hippeastrum bulb while on a visit to the RHS urban garden show.
 photo 927aaf34-b569-489e-bb14-317d2e3649c3_zpsslihzdgy.jpg

The front garden is still looking full with the nicotiana sylvestris refusing to die down or stop flowering

 photo cb7d17e7-53b7-4938-8028-d6f484b3155d_zpsi5ojnxig.jpg

canna indica seedlings.

 photo 8c576e7d-a708-4bda-96b6-ff260238c5aa_zpsyiqlnl9o.jpg

The tree dahlia in the back ground is no more the frost got it but who knows it might survive in the ground till next Spring.

 photo 8ce5043c-9af1-4191-984d-a6f8131591c1_zpsdrdpqqyi.jpg

We have pansies and violas to cheer us up in the winter ahead

 photo 2585d482-8642-49ac-b74f-3aaef085cb70_zpsunvuhhci.jpg

and a whole batch of seedlings in waiting.

 photo 450fe8a5-eb16-4616-9ac3-7b4fe65ead12_zpsjudldde5.jpg

 photo 06b5d8e4-4fc0-48b3-aa12-0e37f599f2d2_zpsqtoiisue.jpg

 photo f94e23a0-362e-459d-b200-6c1f48cb5355_zpsviotjchl.jpg

Well that's November for you. 
We will see what December has in store for us


Friday, 11 November 2016

Random tumblings

A mixed bag of images that have caught my eye while surfing around Tumblr.
It has been ages since I have done one of these.

 photo Tom of Finland_zpsvgrttm35.jpg

Tom of Finland at his romantic best.

 photo Maggie Smith cards_zpsokxbrioh.jpg

The adorable Maggie Smith

 photo tumblr_o9ya6yQSoW1uxsnzdo1_400_zpsiagtgev1.jpg

 photo JOAN CRAWFORD cartoon_zpsyshze71d.jpg

Mommie Dearest !

 photo Robert Mitchum in drag_zps1m98zfsn.jpg

Robert Mitchum in drag

 photo Ivor Novello by Paul Tanqueray 1928._zpsjyudq9wp.jpg

Dear, dear Ivor Novello by Paul Tanqueray, 1928.

 photo Oppenheimer Blue Diamond - Copy_zpsymtcoxvv.jpg

The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond.

 photo Terry-Thomas_zps8c3bgsj8.jpg

Terry Thomas.

 photo Edith Sitwell by Cecil Beaton 1962_zpsqd8i8lwf.jpg

Edith Sitwell by Cecil Beaton, 1962

 photo tumblr_inline_o975zzRzsv1r3ebcz_500_zpsmfx2cwb5.jpg

The boys

 photo tumblr_mutu0t7ZS11qbt6gto1_1280_zpsz9uaphis.jpg
 photo Dragonfly lamp gallee 1900 - Copy_zpsctvq1gup.jpg

Dragonfly lamp by Gallee 1900

 photo tumblr_o2tca52psJ1suvx5ho1_1280_zpsvz7dbxyi.jpg

 photo tumblr_oc548kh5Gk1rtht1lo1_500_zpszdpbwz72.jpg

 photo Rita Moreno 5_zpsc7hxxdph.jpg

Rita Moreno.

 photo Ruth St. Denis in The Peacock._zpsha1b7bgd.jpg

Ruth St. Denis in The Peacock.

 photo tumblr_mai982HTj41r7167qo1_500_zpsoozkogvq.jpg

 photo Gloria Swanson 1924 - Copy_zps7ekemp6q.jpg

Gloria Swanson, 1924

 photo tumblr_nrkb1bHZ4C1rxcyilo1_500_zps5oopbr88.jpg

My imaginary Mr Darcy

 photo Bebe Daniels fur - Copy_zps2cnvuhxh.jpg

Bebe Daniels.

 photo 1797464_10203056557595744_318059478_n-copy - Copy_zpsindjavpr.jpg

 photo Marlene Dietrich by Cecil Beaton 1935_zpspdcwnsvc.jpg

Marlene Dietrich by Cecil Beaton, 1935

 photo Tamara De Lempicka Portrait du marquis dAfflito_zps1gyjrbpm.jpg

Tamara De Lempicka Portrait du marquis d'Afflito

 photo Dame Margaret Rutherford_zpsjz2rf7y8.jpg

Me, aka Dame Margaret Rutherford

 photo 1936 - Mercury train in Chicago_zpsdqy3zbww.jpg

The Mercury train 1936 - Chicago

 photo tumblr_ob2oqzrdjv1rge0cao1_400_zpsihtitq8x.jpg

The ' History boy ' on his way to school.

 photo Beatrice Lillie 1951 photo by Norman Parkinson - Copy_zpsiccilpnb.jpg

To close we have my fave photo of Beatrice Lillie taken in 1951 by Norman Parkinson. I think at the 'Cafe d Paris' 

Hope you enjoyed, let me know if you did or indeed if you didn't.