Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Gardens of Delargo Towers - December

Here we iz again me dears!

Still cold dark and damp and not a lot going on in the garden. Jon has had a good tidy up of all the dead and dying, but all is still rather grim.

You might not be able to see but one of the Canterbury Bells is still in flower, amazingly, even if a little weak and sad.

The Duckett Road geranium is still doing its stuff too.

Things seem to over-winter better on the kitchen window sill, so we have crammed a few things on. Fingers crossed for the scented leaf geranium below - but it got through last winter with only being brought in for very hard frosts.

Meanwhile in the mini greenhouse, the Regal Pelargonium and Fuchsia Winston Churchill.

And outside are a few we hope to get through the winter, including the Asarina scandens, we have in pots for the spring.

Also a couple of  Canterbury Bells that refused to flower last year should look fab this Spring, fingers crossed.

In the front the daffs are up and a Wallflower and a Gladdy have refused to die like their brethren.

As well as the robust Centaurea waiting for Spring too.

Buds on the daffs already.

We have had massive problems with Hollyhocks. All of our seedlings were wiped out by slugs last year. We were given a couple from our friends at 'Braintree Manor' which have been planted in a disused drain. Fingers crossed when the snails wake up they don't find them.

December, and indeed 2012, are heading off into the past in a few days - so it's fingers crossed for a better year, a better summer and a better life for 2013.

Wishing you all Health, Wealth and Happiness.