Wednesday, 24 July 2013

More Random - Divas and Icons

Hello me dears.
Having been a bit behind with me blog last month, I am trying to be on time this.
So here we are with yet more randomness.
I am now addicted to 'Tumblr' and here are a few photos that appealed to me.
I assume all of them to be in public domain but if asked will of course remove them.


The adorable Elsie Carlisle.

Tschaikowsky with his lovers Iosif Kotek and Bob Davydov.
I am sorry. I don't know which photo is which

Barbara Stanwyck on a bad day.

Benjamin Britten

Billie Holiday by Carl Van Vechten.

David Bowie in Monte Carlo by Helmut Newton

Erté in Hollywood, 1925

Hugh Grant in The remains of the day.

John Gielgud, 1936 by Carl Van Vechten

Louise Brooks in The American Venus.

Sir Freddie Ashton

Norma Shearer in the 'Red Shoes'

The sublime Josephine Baker

Virginia Woolf in 1924

Pola Negri  looking rather worse for wear.


Louella Parsons’hat blocking out Rosalind Russell.

Revealed -  Rosalind Russell 1956

Two for one - Michael Redgrave and a true diva of British cinema, Margaret Lockwood.

Lilyan Tashman

Be still my beating heart. Ramon Novarro posing.

"Its the eyes don't you know" - Liza


Vita Sackville-West at Knole.

Boy George back in the good old days.

Olivia de Havilland.
Yes her father did design planes and was responsible for producing the first passenger jet.

Now this is Divine

Montgomery Clift

Words fail me -

Eartha Kitt  platform 8 Paddington station in 1960.
On her way to Bristol or Swansea no doubt.

"I'm not a monster I'm NOT"

Icon and hero, Peter Tatchell .

Last but by no means least, the enchanting Agnes Moorehead