Friday, 31 August 2012

The Gardens of Delargo Towers - August

Here we are again me lovelies, at the end of another month.
The weather has been a mixed bag but at least we have had some sun. The garden is a bit patchy and scruffy compared to last year, but as always a joy to us.

As was this 'Holly Blue butterfly' captured on camera by Jon.

The long awaited Hibiscus is in full bloom.

After being swamped by it last year we have only allowed one nasturtium to run amok this year.

This time last year the garden was full of Cosmos. They are only starting to flower now, so should be fab in September.

The Delphiniums were cut down to the ground after flowering earlier this year, in the hope of  a second flush. They responded, but so did the slugs and snails. Hey ho, with a bit of luck we should get two or three flower spikes!

We have been amazed at how well the Canterbury Bells have done, coping with whatever the weather has thrown at them - and they are slug proof! Some are still flowering even now...

Crocosmia (commonly called Montbretia), along with the Hibiscus, were among the very few plants here when we moved in. Ours has done nicely this year.

I bought seeds of Asarina last year thinking it was something else. What a happy mistake! It's a real gem.
Taxonomists have now decided to change its name to Maurandya. Whatever the name, we love its fragile pastel flowers from Spring to Autumn - and it came through last winter with out any protection.

The pots have been giving us bags of colour even if they are a bit on the scruffy side.

Having lost all the lupins we sowed last year to the slugs, here are our hopes for flowers next year.

Regal Pelargonium. This has been in flower since it was potted up in the spring but has never looked very happy.

The Fuchsias are coming into their own now.

I am very pleased with Fuchsia Winston Churchill.

The sweet peas seem to like growing with the tomato.

While at the front, the window boxes have carried on creating a wonderful display.

I picked up some Gladioli corms from Wilkinson's in the spring (cheap but very small) not expecting them to flower. Well, we have at least got one Gladdy!

The pear tree is heaving with fruit and is being propped up by an upturned broom; very Heath Robinson!

My makeshift wall hanger to catch the strawberry runners seems to have worked well.

While the tomato has fruited well, and is indeed Gardeners Delight after all...

The flavour is good but not quite what I had hoped. I put this down to being grown outdoors, and the cool weather with little sun.

The poor weather this Spring and Summer was not good for herbs either.

Roll on September


Monday, 27 August 2012

Heart-throbs & pin-ups / Alain Delon

I don't know when I fell for Alain, catching a chance showing of 'The Girl on a Motorcycle' at the Plymouth Art's Centre or as Tancredi in one of my all time fave films ' The Leopard ' but where ever it was , I fell.

Here he is talking over Dalida, listen and swoon along with me.

The sheer Romance, the style, elegance of the man, très cool and so beautiful.

Now here's a string of photos to prove it.

You might think it amiss of me not to have given you a bit more information about the wonderful M. Delon.
but I say

Que tu est belle!
Paroles, paroles, paroles
Que tu est belle!
Paroles, paroles, paroles, paroles, paroles
Encore des paroles que tu sèmes au vent

Ok, here's every thing you might want to know at the click of a mouse

and his Site Officiel

Oohhhh I did enjoy that me thinks I shall have to do another 'Heart-throb soon

Que tu est belle!
Paroles, paroles, paroles
Que tu est belle!
Paroles, paroles, paroles, paroles, paroles
Encore des paroles que tu sèmes au vent undefined