Monday, 29 April 2013

The Gardens of Delargo Towers - April

Mid April - and Spring finally arrived, of sorts. March was the coldest on record for a hundred years and the season is at least three weeks behind this time last year. But with a bit of sun and warmer night time temperatures, everything has put on a bit of a spurt.

The tulips which looked ragged at the beginning of the month are now in full glory on the front windowsill (not bad from a pound shop).

Wallflowers left over from last year.

We seem to be fated with our Hollyhocks. These hiding in a disused drain have not only been attacked by some vile critters but now have rust to boot.

Next to them how ever is a great joy, last year's Virginia Stock. It has self sown in the cracks of the paving. Tiny but lovely:

Inside outside of the front window with the first streptocarpus to flower.

and a Peace Lily about to flower.

Meanwhile out the back...

Lots of goodies, waiting for a new home and a chance to show off.

In the bed the oriental poppy is looking stronger this year as are the long awaited aquilegia.

Never be with out a Geranium, or indeed some Canterbury Bells.

The constant vigil (and liberal sprinkling of coffee grounds) has started around the Delphiniums, in the hope to save them from slugs. Fingers crossed on that one.

The delightful Anemones gifted from Alistair are spreading themselves around nicely.

Last year we were visited by lily beetle. Apart from loving lilies as much as we do they also like to munch on Fritillary too. We had a poor show as a result. They are how ever looking truly fab and magical this year.

You can see why they are called the Snake's Head Fritillary while the flowers are still in bud.

Once again thank you Alistair.

The Narcissus and Tulip bulbs are running out of steam a bit but have still managed to produce some flowers and are looking fab.

If any one has any tips on how to build up the bulbs for next year I would love to hear from you.

The Tulips have only just managed to make it into this month's post, coming into flower just this week.

One tub of Sweet Peas planted (Old Fashioned mixed ) and the other waiting for the seedlings from 'Braintree Manor'.

Things have really speeded up in the garden. This was the pear tree on the 20th.

All of the blossoms still holding tight waiting for a change in the weather.

Then these taken on the 24th:

The whole pear tree is smothered in blossom this year so we are looking forward to a bumper crop.

As we are with the strawberries (Cambridge Favourite). All from one plant last year.

Last year we had a go at making compost in a plastic rubbish bin. I for one am amazed and over the moon with the result. All pleasant smelling and friable.
Well done Jon.

On that note I shall leave you till next month, but will just mention that I now have my name down on two waiting lists for an allotment.

So who knows, I might get one in 4 / 5 years...


Saturday, 13 April 2013

The evil weed

Hello me dears
I have just had a failed attempt to give up the evil weed and am now in the process of gathering what little will power I have for another bash at it next Monday.

Here are some musings on the dirty filthy habit while I sit here with a fag on.

Wish me Luck

t t f n