Monday, 30 June 2014

Farewell to The Gardens of Delargo Towers - June

Indeed it is so, dear reader. June is to be our last month here at Delargo Towers. We shall however be moving as many plants to the new Delaro Towers next month. This being said we are looking more like a garden centre than a garden at the moment and feeling more than a little sad to be leaving what was our first garden we have had together. It has been a fab four years and we have learnt a lot. I am so pleased that I started this monthly blog to record it.

How to tackle this post is the question and as every thing is being moved. potted and generally dug up the only answer is an inventory of what we have and some photos of what is in flower this month.

So yer tiz me lovelies.

 photo Imagea-g_zps53ad5280.jpg
 photo Imageh-o_zps68c1910d.jpg
 photo Imagep-z_zps993962a2.jpg

All the photos are in the order they were taken through June.

Delphiniums ( our pride and joy )

 photo P1250288_zps4bb0a605.jpg

 photo P1250291_zps5a0b5c3e.jpg

A healthy Lupin at last!

 photo P1250293_zpsadfb568b.jpg

Nasturtium, whirlybird.

 photo P1250301_zps2dcfe66b.jpg

Regal pelargonium

 photo P1250302_zps168a09d1.jpg

Aquilegias' are still showing off..

 photo P1250304_zpsc1c00bf3.jpg

 photo P1250321_zpsaec0c264.jpg

the pots at least should be easy to move.

 photo P1250305_zpsa1932a43.jpg

 photo P1250323_zps06b53baf.jpg

 photo P1250324_zpseaa0593d.jpg

 photo P1250331_zps2a125600.jpg

 photo P1250334_zps1c39f125.jpg

 photo P1250345_zpse53c83d1.jpg

 photo P1250347_zpsf977ff6f.jpg

Oriental Poppy

 photo P1250348_zps4ecfafeb.jpg

 photo P1250354_zpsdb6668cf.jpg

Osteospermum. this one starts off yellow and then turns pink. Very bizarre.

 photo P1250357_zps316332ea.jpg

 photo P1250373_zps428b2525.jpg

New from the R.H.S show last Autumn, Lilium martagon - Maroon King. 

 photo P1250395_zpse5d7ef59.jpg

 photo P1250379_zpsc3c18d21.jpg

 photo P1250390_zps578f4012.jpg

The Veronica is also new and rather lovely.

 photo P1250398_zps3e5acba5.jpg

Allium moly.

 photo P1250402_zpsdab38a8e.jpg

I am having a go at growing Dahlias from seed this year. they should give a bit of colour to the new place.

 photo P1250407_zps034eef11.jpg

 photo P1250408_zpsc7e7b141.jpg

 photo P1250409_zps54dd244c.jpg

The jasmine was here before us and sadly not possible to move.

 photo P1250433_zpsa8d9f0a2.jpg

 photo P1250437_zps7cf9675b.jpg

and the same is true for the pear. Looks like a bumper harvest too.

 photo P1250438_zps427547ae.jpg


 photo P1250444_zpsd8022d16.jpg

 photo P1250445_zps6c70f1f2.jpg

with oxalis

 photo P1250447_zpsad62b3f7.jpg

 photo P1250448_zpsec772a87.jpg

 photo P1250449_zps376db5f7.jpg

The only survivor from last years dahlias.

 photo P1250452_zpscd253f57.jpg

 photo P1250455_zpse28b1bb9.jpg

Regalia getting ready to do it stuff just in time to have to move it

 photo P1250459_zps89bcccc4.jpg

Having found that fuchsias did well in the shade we planted them out in the boarder. They would have made a fab show but they are back in their pots now.

 photo P1250460_zpsf8bea104.jpg


 photo P1250461_zpse6c6dd37.jpg

 photo P1250463_zps416d9143.jpg

 photo P1250464_zps5b33a54e.jpg

 photo P1250465_zpsbf4c44ef.jpg

 photo P1250473_zps90f1864f.jpg

 photo P1250474_zps0a199eae.jpg

 photo P1250478_zpsad72b3d2.jpg

 photo P1250480_zpseb9352f0.jpg

 photo P1250481_zps1232136c.jpg

So proud of the hollyhock, its a fab farewell to the garden

 photo P1250482_zps6a7f321f.jpg

 photo P1250487_zps49d3dfa8.jpg

 photo P1250490_zps5d7ed522.jpg

 photo P1250491_zps534570e9.jpg

 photo P1250492_zps680770a1.jpg

 photo P1250492_zps680770a1.jpg

 photo P1250494_zps2080400f.jpg

 photo P1250484_zps892e6de5.jpg

 photo P1250495_zps9cf425b9.jpg

 photo P1250496_zpsc4cdbfc5.jpg

 photo P1250501_zps8a45ac0e.jpg

A dwarf sweet pea for containers ! fingers crossed.

 photo P1250506_zpsc9a1e001.jpg

 photo P1250508_zpsedacb274.jpg

So its good bye from us and good bye to The Gardens of Delargo Towers.

 photo Post1250511_zps280a27ae.jpg

Stay tuned for The Gardens of Delargo Towers 2