Sunday, 31 May 2015

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - May

After one of the sunniest (if not warmest) Aprils on record, May has turned out to be cold and damp.
Hey ho every thing is growing away and starting to flower.

 photo P1280467_zpsceohqj2t.jpg

I am rather proud of this osteospermum,  my nephews first ever cutting last year, is now a rather handsome plant

The changes in the garden from the beginning of the month and its end are rather marked
 photo P1280316_zps1ktdsjle.jpg
 photo P1280315_zpscavjb0n0.jpg
 photo P1280313_zpsxhjrpnar.jpg

The window boxes have changed and the wall flowers have evidentially finished.

 photo P1280584_zpskhwvzuob.jpg
 photo P1280581_zpsvgvpeeo7.jpg
 photo P1280578_zpsqrorgudu.jpg

new window displays, dahlias planted and the roses are taking off.

 photo P1280577_zps3wisn5mf.jpg

Out back, things are starting to look lovely.

 photo P1280569_zpssrjnhmov.jpg

big changes here to. This is the main bed before our trip to Spain.

 photo P1280295_zpsrfleotzl.jpg

And when we got home.

 photo P1280564_zpskars03ey.jpg
 photo P1280566_zpsdca9wovy.jpg

Foxglove, Allium and the Aquilegia from Colina rd all looking fab.

 photo P1280563_zpswzzm0wdf.jpg
 photo P1280562_zps349slt3g.jpg
 photo P1280561_zpsr2afpx0i.jpg

Last year we grew Nicotiana Mutabalis from seed. At one point we didn't think we would get them through the winter but they are coming into flower and look marvellous.

 photo P1280336_zpsmtt3ieij.jpg
 photo P1280335_zpsfpor3aar.jpg

Each of the many little flowers in the spray open white and turn a deeper and deeper pink.

 photo DSC_000002_zps1g1gme42.jpg

California poppy, sweet peas and Holly hock all doing well.

 photo P1280568_zpshfbyquh4.jpg

As our ever increasing collection of pots.

 photo P1280556_zpsfmhc1hta.jpg

With more 'babies' to come.

 photo P1280307_zpsrwcb4c1o.jpg

Our hand crafted planter is full,

 photo P1280573_zpsjqxw9up5.jpg

The Apples have set,

 photo P1280304_zpszvj5wpbi.jpg

and we now at last have a garden worth sitting in.

 photo P1280574_zpskupmftdq.jpg

June is about to burst out all over, 
So hopefully it should warm up a bit and the sun will shine.

 photo P1280557_zpsukufqhcd.jpg

Till next time then my lovelies.


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Tapa a Tapa

Here we are me dears back in Blighty after a fab hol in Sitges and Barcelona.

 photo P1280396_zpsvdyvwtf2.jpg

Quite by chance our little jaunt coincided with the annual Sitges Tapa festival. 
How lucky was that !

 photo tapa-tapa-2015_zpshgw0zwkj.jpg

The town  hosts the "Tapa a Tapa" event and "The Tapa of the year"  which is one of the great gastronomic happenings in Catalonia. 

Some top chefs such as Ferran Adrià have elevated the tapas concept to the category of "haute cuisine".

 photo Sitges-Tapa-a-Tapa-Route_zpsd2issype.jpg

we managed only to tick off a few but our absolute favourite was definitely El Donostiarra.
It was also very close to the hotel, beach and the gay bars.

 photo 10404893_874328292613799_1431651070570891283_n_zpskmueonni.jpg

Very friendly and the food was fabulous 
Next to my wine and sunglasses is a tapa which was -
Chorizo / Tortilla /Foie gras / Tortilla / cured pork loin on a slice of baguette.

 photo P1280418_zpsj99q8nx6.jpg

After 5 days of sun, sea and Tapas it was time to leave our friends who were travelling home separately.

 photo IMG_4030_zpst6qmilsk.jpg

On the very last day, the weather changed. Gone was the amazing sunshine and 30C heat to be replaced by cold and damp.

 photo P1280463_zps6p9wlqmj.jpg

Luckily with a late flight we had already earmarked the day for a troll around Barcelona.

 photo barcelona-gothic-quarter-map_zpsi87rdafl.jpg

Not knowing the city and refusing to pay €30 to sit on a tour bus we ended up in the medieval quarter which was amazing

 photo europe2007-245_zpsshvj59tj.jpg

From there, up the Rambla

 photo out side_zpsrao1skkk.jpg

By chance we stopped at the most delightful cerveseria for lunch

 photo 20130501_DSCN7880_zpscegpqyzf.jpg

Having grabbed the last table outside we were pleased to find that an half hour later there were masses of people trying to get a table both inside and out.

 photo 1028-ciudad_condal_rambla_catalunya-rambla_catalunya_18_hd_zpsw3agjtrx.jpg

Pork fillet with cheese in a very yummy little baguettes 

 photo pork bag_zpskaahxbft.jpg

Tortilla with brochette and a very nice glass of Spanish Rose'.
With out question the best meal of the holiday.

 photo patatas_zpsrktm24bf.jpg

After more wanderings around the city we found the station we needed to get to the airport.
 photo 7834bc012784a3d4ac8c0f67a7553056136629812092_zpsyzcpulaj.jpg

...and took another well deserved rest. 
More needed than enjoyed. it still hit the spot.
It has been compared to as Barcelona's equivalent of London's "Angus Steakhouse" which is a little harsh.

 photo menu_zpsvr7xltds.jpg

Barcelona has three main railway stations. 
We needed Passeig de Gràcia For the airport .

 photo cercanias_renfe_south_zpsaa6yauvj.jpg

If you are entering Barcelona for the first time I strongly recommend you stay on the train and alight at Estació de França ( that's France not Franco by the way )

 photo Estacioacute de Franccedila France Station_zps58vnw71v.jpg

 A truly fabulous and memorable holiday. Fantastic weather and great company.
I would just like to add that I hope the 2 guys that stole my phone in Sitges both rot in Hell