Thursday, 31 March 2016

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - March

March is said ' to come in as a lion and go out as a lamb
Well me dears it came in as a lion no problem, cold wet and windy and pretty much stayed like that up to the end of the month.

 photo P1320150_zpse2vpid5n.jpg

Thank heavens for anemone blanda.

 photo P1320152_zpsrzunweg6.jpg

Its at its peak this month and spreading around nicely

 photo P1320151_zpss8agw55m.jpg

Now that the narcissus tete a tete have finished. Viola Morpho is back doing sterling work in the windowsill.

 photo P1320166_zpsvphxefbi.jpg

The daffs in the front bed are still hanging on though -

 photo P1320163_zpsaknykftp.jpg

and the roses are growing away.

 photo P1320164_zpsxdvcpeje.jpg

To our great joy the Iochroma australe (Acnistus australis) we grew from seed last Spring have survived the Winter outside and unprotected.

 photo P1320165_zpsuyc2fne1.jpg

There isn't a great deal to show off this month.

 photo P1320157_zpsrcpbfuh5.jpg

Tulip Gavota might not have the impact they did last year but are still very jolly

 photo P1320156_zpsqyfyqchy.jpg

We are itching to get out and sort out the beds as soon as it dries and warms up a bit.

 photo P1320142_zps05bnwkix.jpg

There is a lot to do.

 photo P1320143_zpseerueubg.jpg

 photo P1320144_zps6894itb9.jpg

Some work has been done, the apple trees are all pruned back to give a bit more light.

 photo P1320148_zpsl1bwtbfg.jpg

Disaster - 
Having forgotten about the hippeastrum ALL winter it had started to rot. 
We rescued it and it started to grow but sadly its flower-bud has aborted.
It would have been its 3rd flowering.

 photo P1320181_zpsto65uniw.jpg

We were kindly given cardiocrinum giganteum as a gift from the 'RHS Early Spring Show'. 
How fab is that.

 photo P1320169_zpso8vdi2in.jpg

Most of ( but not all ) the fuchsias and osteospermum have made it through.

 photo P1320139_zpshbbfnqka.jpg

There are lots of new seedlings

 photo P1320173_zpsdtvkswvn.jpg

and I do mean alot !

 photo P1320179_zpskoczkeby.jpg

along with quite a few dahlia tubers to fill the garden to bursting point this Summer

 photo P1320178_zpsazowfhnf.jpg

Roll on April and getting stuck into planting