Sunday, 31 July 2016

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - July

Here we are again me dears with another catch-up post. (One more to go, and then as long as I get September's in on time, we will be sorted.)

 photo a358636a-9074-4323-8449-6f61bff2ef95_zpsbmig5gdg.jpg

Our red and yellow bed is doing well.

 photo d9a4732a-591f-4d06-bf48-443bc63d637c_zpsk9pof7fb.jpg

Most of the Penstemon last year seemed to be red, so were moved this Spring. More pinks than I thought. Hey Ho !

 photo 45d20df4-b925-4e86-8937-3bf187feb565_zpsctl9jnze.jpg

Crocosmia 'Lucifer'  looking fab:

 photo c43c82b5-121f-4ad5-a9c0-f4490caf0ab3_zpsriar0o7o.jpg

As is our fave Dahlia 'Bishop's Children' seedling:

 photo 0f1005b0-18b4-4137-9baf-2406aa67fd88_zpsa5leqlpp.jpg

Joy of joys! - a new bench.
Coreopsis grandiflora "Early Sunrise" in the foreground.

 photo aa139e20-1bec-4ed6-85f6-5d4f2e2bc37f_zpspxz7auuh.jpg

The main border burst into growth this month:

 photo 3e446070-369d-4710-8bdd-a54f7d5ef949_zpsvbn4na3q.jpg

Nicotiana mutabilis and Cleome hassleriana:

 photo 5bd16b91-6c97-4236-96e5-c3025687ce41_zps0g8dshg3.jpg
 photo 37cc8f5b-c14c-4798-9cfe-dc4dee5a10f2_zpsfsktxuvt.jpg

Perovskia atriplicifolia “Blue Spire” (Russian Sage):

 photo c15fdc66-1b5b-4611-8b0c-66024292744f_zps3hq7wnb7.jpg

Phlox paniculata:

 photo 7601c9ef-24f2-424c-97d1-9a733743be46_zpsaemstgih.jpg

Orlaya grandiflora:

 photo 4a6092ed-8a41-47dc-9153-29b1b195c5f5_zpssr5h6bnt.jpg

Scabiosa - 'Blue Jeans':

 photo 434c8785-9bf4-4974-8c36-b6dca783d55d_zps5jjzjtjz.jpg

Polemonium caeruleum (Jacob's Ladder)

 photo 6e0e3f99-099a-450a-a3b2-966d597b1b42_zpsskopyvte.jpg

Verbena bonariensis "Purple Top" seeded itself all over:

 photo 80021c61-08ab-4c41-8b0b-e7c4bd269a28_zps6pt2oqcj.jpg

We added 30 varieties (!) of Fuchsia to our garden this year - and now have more pots than you could imagine;
but we found a place for them all somehow.

 photo f64680ad-600d-4030-a7a4-fb2effad369b_zpstrr4jopv.jpg

Agastache rugosa f. albiflora 'Liquorice blue':

 photo e5a9d9a5-c85c-4ec8-8489-63acd5992e25_zpsz35t7xqd.jpg

Our not 'Midnight Blue' Lupin:

 photo 366b62d0-4198-4d89-bee3-cfe91ce232b4_zpsq2hzr2x2.jpg

Salvia patens “Patio Deep Blue”

 photo 16d1812a-81a8-4a47-8cf6-4b3193626aa6_zpsdyisenic.jpg

Dahlia 'Early Bird'

 photo a512f68f-7a33-48d7-9df3-0f35c996f26d_zpsurll1vjp.jpg

Brodiaea laxa “Queen Fabiola”:

 photo 2a53560d-bd48-42fd-a35c-47d518e0759c_zpswxpu5i3l.jpg

Asarina scandens

 photo 40d08ada-a48f-4759-bddf-057da6c98d41_zpsnomk2edw.jpg

 Regal Pelargonium 'Lord Bute':

 photo acebdc98-1aef-4806-a6ee-86aeb62ea0cc_zps5ya9jwvv.jpg

Regal Pelargonium 'Aristo Orchid':

 photo e21e465c-4e1c-4213-84b1-85d71bdfbdfb_zpsler6qg4s.jpg

Pelargonium “Bullseye Cherry”

 photo 274d92ea-d9b8-4a07-a130-0ab31a22e3b3_zpszhd3fzs2.jpg

As I said - we have a lot of plants in pots !

 photo b60bf052-86d0-46b9-ab91-2d03c464469b_zpsdvoqkjex.jpg

 photo c1c4ad30-1056-47c8-9833-89e5d8c79e04_zpshbhywnrj.jpg

Nicotiana 'Roulette'

 photo e62b4403-3775-44c0-ac00-a5ff85129575_zpsnovxguxc.jpg

Lilium (Tower) "Honeymoon"

 photo 386ea27d-5d68-44fc-ac40-034f2ba703ae_zpsdzkqaqyr.jpg

 photo b188f3f6-e88e-446e-83aa-bd2732fa8fb0_zpsacug2uwc.jpg

 photo 2ee49b95-712d-4297-81c7-7fee1ac4c2cb_zpso5j46lf2.jpg

Nicotiana sylvestris - smelling gorgeous!

 photo 2d314989-8708-4d45-9ccb-9108805bebac_zpsr2vevptt.jpg

To close this month, we have another fascinating creature that neither of us have noticed before -
Synanthedon myopaeformis (the Red-belted Clearwing moth):

 photo 758b55a5-71a7-4fab-9e30-8139a8d68dfc_zpsdgdopm9d.jpg

There we are, me dears.
Its been fun looking back;
next up - August.