Friday, 31 July 2015

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - July

Gosh! what a full month July has been -
so only a few snaps of the garden just to keep up to date.

The Roses are now coming into a second flush but the Sweet Peas have all finished.

 photo P1280957_zpsvkyqblhq.jpg

The mid-late summer window boxes are looking fab; unfortunately this is the only photo I have.
As you can see it was rather in need of some water on that day.

 photo P1290105_zpssgo5pyvm.jpg

I now realise I have neglected taking photos of the front altogether.
Whoops !
The Dahlias are doing very well and the Nicotiana is still flowering its heart out.

 photo P1290087_zpshxjjuo7i.jpg

...and so on to the great joy and triumph of the month.
Our amazing gigantic Hollyhock.

 photo P1280908_zpsavngratg.jpg 

Our lilies this year have been a disaster though. just one flower from the Regale
 and rather sickly at that. 
A virus spread by green fly seems to be the cause.

 photo P1280992_zpsiouowvuf.jpg

'Star Gazer' flowered but was very disappointing.

 photo 06fc302b-2e72-40c5-8dc1-4524114c5636_zpscnexyzpa.jpg

The new "Tower Lilies" did much better, lovely colour and scent too.

 photo P1290071_zpssqq5q43z.jpg

We have two new Fuchsias this year.

 photo e7c80734-b633-451d-a6a8-33da319bd02b_zpstjqw5mq3.jpg

"Display", and an unnamed variety from Morrisons.

 photo P1290037_zpsoq06cckn.jpg

"Winston Churchill" is looking good this year and still keeping its half standard form:

 photo P1290035_zpsjqazjpkn.jpg

Heliotrope "Dwarf Marine"

 photo P1290028_zpskj3nhttz.jpg

Nicotiana sylvestris

 photo P1290063_zpsisgna94h.jpg

Salvia "Deep Blue"

 photo P1290102_zps6i3mwt5t.jpg

Brodiaea "Queen Fabiola"

 photo P1280900_zpsalgzxcwn.jpg

 photo P1280967_zps27ebiosq.jpg

Nicotiana mutabilis

 photo P1280911_zpsktzizbio.jpg

 photo P1280961_zpsopet7df8.jpg

Nicotiana  sanderae “Sensation”, mixed

 photo P1280905_zpshubm5jrg.jpg

All the pots are looking full and fab.

 photo P1280959_zpsjmxwc1kw.jpg

 photo P1280907_zpspdk0ojnu.jpg

Foxgloves are flowering in their first year and the Aquilegia refuses to stop flowering.
 photo P1290025_zpsc4fw12c6.jpg

 photo P1290005_zpsgby3hcp8.jpg
We are so pleased with the borders
 and how well they managed the change from Spring to full Summer.

 photo P1290079_zpsmtrmxii6.jpg

Dahlia 'Early Bird' with trailing Verbena and Calibrachoa

 photo P1290089_zpsqt7izd2q.jpg

Pelargonium peltatum (the Ivy-Leaved) and Lobelia

 photo P1290029_zpsto2oexgx.jpg

Cosmos bipinnatus 'Gazebo Mixed' and Phlox paniculata

 photo P1290099_zpsfwz7qwkm.jpg

We have filled the wilderness that was at the back of the garden with a collection of goodies.
It should be quite interesting next month.

 photo P1290084_zpszletrdas.jpg

 photo P1290033_zpsamqcx3dw.jpg

So till next time, my lovelies.

 photo P1280976_zps3m1i7rfc.jpg


Thursday, 30 July 2015

Random 'Tumblr' ing

Hello me dears.
Here are a few jolly pics from my recent forays on Tumblr. I have no idea which came from whom, but my faves are -

We kick off with a fab candid snap of Elsa Maxwell taking tea.

 photo Elsa Maxwell_zpsjbffcmys.jpg


 photo Madame_zpsarwkjdjs.jpg

nine European Monarchs at the funeral of Edward VII

 photo nine European Monarchs - the funeral of Edward VII_zpsuzyicbun.jpg

 photo The Duke of Windsorrsquos wardrobe 2_zpsiskh8zuc.jpg

The Duke of Windsor’s wardrobe.

 photo The Duke of Windsorrsquos wardrobe_zpsj8sfqipv.png

Love this one - Mrs Mills and Mr Love

 photo tumblr_lznfsqA2b91qa1cogo1_500_zps9oeqnyil.jpg

Charming boys.

 photo tumblr_mr2wt4vxVd1rwjqaso1_500_zpstpkktfag.jpg

? no idea what's going on here.

 photo tumblr_mz4x6c43cs1tptdheo1_1280_zpse7kgvn8p.jpg

One lump or two ?

 photo tumblr_mlglw1Zje21rphtnfo1_500_zpsy1nprcro.jpg

a bit of Steampunk.

 photo tumblr_n8rug5nGN11qzk7t0o1_1280_zpsqdplmpvu.jpg

 photo tumblr_n8706hLPP41qaimuno3_1280_zpsxyzxxmhd.jpg
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The Brighton Mafia

 photo Brighton estate agent _1280_zps270wke21.jpg

Boys will be boys

 photo tumblr_ng1pm4WFR11r4sx6to1_1280_zps1enpsawd.jpg

One for Alex.

 photo tumblr_nnu4ci8ZeV1qc0nwgo1_400_zpssjuuawph.jpg

Young love.

 photo tumblr_nnocjeAzws1qkezoco1_500_zpsxhhkmwl0.jpg

one for Cronain

 photo walk2_zpsnye5eo9q.jpg

And one for me.

 photo tumblr_nrbsk7zCPU1uzffhlo1_1280_zps3m4gl0jz.jpg

My kinda party

 photo tumblr_no55alGadD1qc0nwgo1_1280_zpsxmwvpsvy.jpg

Slacks - how cool !

 photo tumblr_noog0oIbYK1skkfpco1_1280_zps9ilgfev5.jpg

On the fringe.

 photo tumblr_nr0tbwtnMZ1spis8so1_1280_zpsapksdnh3.jpg

A water feature that should make Charlie Dimmock proud

 photo tumblr_niltamEK821tz8jvdo1_540_zps662nxthb.jpg

To close - life as it should be...

 photo tumblr_nirkvwTHFe1rnw1cgo1_400_zpsonrwe7ae.jpg

Chin chin