Saturday, 28 February 2015

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - Febuary

Hello me dears. Here we are again and again with a rather late posting.

 photo DSC_0969_zpsvf138irm.jpg

A cold and wet month, so we start indoors with the Hippeastrum and its second year flowers.

Outside everything is hanging on, and the window boxes are still giving us colour.

 photo DSC_0945_zps66nvwdad.jpg

 photo DSC_0944_zpsn98pnclm.jpg

 photo DSC_0943_zpsbqqn2cto.jpg

The roses have been pruned.

While out the back we have seen the very first of the Spring colour.

 photo DSC_0934_zpsasvceseb.jpg
 photo P1270792_zps6dgeupfn.jpg
 photo DSC_0935_zpspildjek6.jpg
 photo DSC_0930_zpsadyqbfst.jpg

and we are looking forward to see a lot more in the months to come.

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 photo DSC_0928_zpskpgv722q.jpg
 photo DSC_0931_zpsnwwfkn6j.jpg

In the greenhouse.

 photo DSC_0942_zpscb6rp56u.jpg

 photo DSC_0937_zps8hh59mz0.jpg

Roll on March.

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Saturday, 31 January 2015

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - January

Hello my darlings I am rather late with this one so "Happy New Year", and it's just a quick run through of the state of play in our garden as it was in mid January.

 photo P1270583_zps77c5a93e.jpg

Indoors the hyacinth was a real joy.

 photo P1270587_zps96cebdd0.jpg

As was the Peace Lily with its yearly single flower

 photo P1270593_zps5032b50f.jpg

The window boxes gave us some colour through a very drab month.

 photo P1270598_zpsaa4ad6b5.jpg

 photo P1270597_zps7cbd1b17.jpg

 photo P1270602_zps98967188.jpg

 photo P1270600_zps0e8940d0.jpg

 photo P1270603_zps86bc83b6.jpg

Daffs are up, wallflowers are filling-out and the Nicotiana are holding on in the front border.

 photo P1270595_zpsdc63c15d.jpg

While, out the back -

 photo P1270612_zps0b96b5eb.jpg

 photo P1270613_zps128a5687.jpg

 photo P1270615_zps846214cd.jpg

 photo P1270616_zps0c10e884.jpg

The three apple trees that once were an espalier are due for a second pruning in February.

 photo P1270624_zps3ebde819.jpg

The greenhouse is fab though it is is difficult to ventilate and is causing issues with damp.

 photo P1270633_zps3623a7ad.jpg

 photo P1270631_zps05fa3e2e.jpg

 photo P1270629_zpsba181f2a.jpg

With seed sowing starting in earnest, it's back to the kitchen table.

 photo P1270605_zps56a13254.jpg

 photo P1270606_zps9cae9ee6.jpg

 photo P1270607_zps506b2808.jpg

Outside the plants in containers are, so far, surviving the frosts.

 photo P1270611_zps2470fd50.jpg

 photo P1270621_zps07d4b9a9.jpg

 photo P1270619_zpsa9fbe041.jpg

Back inside, we are over the moon that last year's Hippeastrum has a new flower forming!

 photo P1270608_zps8d61c963.jpg

All in all, Doncaster Donny seems rather pleased.

 photo P1270614_zpsa2908669.jpg



Poster Art on the Tube

 photo Poster-artwork--designed-for-London-by-Tom-Eckersley-1995_zps6e215d62.jpg

Hello me dears.

A Londoner cant but help but to have a love hate relationship with the Tube. One of the things I have always loved is its use of artist in the creation of its posters. There are of course many fab Art Deco examples. 
last year I was very pleased to be faced with T.F.L.'s offering, celebrating 150 years of tube travel.

Hear are a few for your perusal.

 photo 13130110001000FFFFFF0_zpsa8d68602.jpeg

 photo Paul-Catherall-Battersea-Power-Station_zps59925b1d.gif

 photo NL384406_942long_zps8ba6bc22.jpg

 photo paul_catherall_oxo_red_2_zps4c7655ec.jpg

 photo StPancrasStation_zpsa4d048e5.jpeg

 photo B3x4cmRCAAAUJXo_zps1d3bb935.jpg

 photo 12376110001000FFFFFF0_zps9cfeffbc.jpeg

Mind The Gap !

 photo SouthoftheThamesbyTube2014_zpsaf5f1c9a.jpeg