Sunday, 30 April 2017

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - April

Spring is finally here me dears. Every thing is bursting into growth 
The daffs have all gone over but there are plenty of flowers to fill the gap till Summer arrives.

 photo April 2017   8_zpsn96bk4x4.jpg

 photo April 2017   3_zpsyzt1nusm.jpg

Fritillaria meleagris the 'snake's head fritillary'

 photo April 2017   2_zpspv8nfqah.jpg

 photo April 2017   6_zpsxaflwoyf.jpg

We have taken Monty Don's advice this year and rather than struggling to get the old tulips to flower again have replaced them. We shall treat them as annuals and buy new again next year.

 photo April 2017   5_zpsyycqwvyu.jpg

 photo April 2017   25_zpsxcdtn08v.jpg

Matthiola incana, 'Goldcut Mix. If this was my school report it would say ' could do better '. sown last summer they were a bit neglected and bolted. They ended up looking a bit scruffy but have produce flowers through the winter till now and they smell wonderful. Note to self - must try harder this year.

 photo April 2017   10_zpsjphxmnq8.jpg

Our Auricula has done very well. We now have four plants from the one original -

 photo April 2017   13_zpsmhxmvimu.jpg

and a new one to keep them company.

 photo April 2017   4_zpserkkroha.jpg

 photo April 2017   11_zpsdqweysyq.jpg

The first of the aquilegias .

 photo April 2017   27_zpskhikkcfj.jpg

Always a great joy and the back bone of our border this time of year.

 photo April 2017   33_zpsofj9ib1u.jpg

They should be at their peek next month so keep posted !

 photo April 2017   34_zpsixrfwwnc.jpg

Camassia, we have had these bulbs in the garden for a couple of years now and it is the first time they have flowered so we are rather pleased.

 photo April 2017   20_zpszhwelhwe.jpg

Nicotiana mutabilis Marshmallow is flowering early this year. I love this plant. No garden should be with out it.

 photo April 2017   21_zpsigxeptqt.jpg

Now then we do hate our overgrown diseased apple trees but love the blossom.

 photo April 2017   22_zpsdnjek0oq.jpg

We treated ourselves to a tray of garden pinks from Homebase and are so glad we did. they look lovely and smell fabulous.

 photo April 2017   14_zpse7elpoty.jpg

A replacement regal pelargonium and last years red intermediate pelargonium which has flowered outside all through the Winter.

 photo April 2017   9_zps3lrcj6sr.jpg

Finally our clump of native bluebells from Kew Gardens via Alistair.

 photo April 2017   1_zpsbgcuwvbp.jpg

There we are then so now we will have a quick tour of the grounds to see whats going on.

 photo April 2017   12_zpsbxlcjcbm.jpg

The front garden is looking the best it ever has which bodes well for Summer.

 photo April 2017   30_zpsp9txicq1.jpg

Our wall flowers grown from seed last year have done us proud this.

 photo April 2017   28_zps11pbbfd5.jpg

Another Nicotiana mutabilis Marshmallow showing off this time in the front garden.

 photo April 2017   29_zps0laeypay.jpg

While in the main garden things are coming on nicely

 photo April 2017   15_zpsgpqnuprf.jpg

Last years project was the Red Bed. It is proving to be a little more tricky than I thought with flowers turning out not to be the expected colour. It looked good last year but lets see if we can get the theme right this Summer.

 photo P1350228_zpsr5f3mdvl.jpg

A new feature this year will be the Fuchsia gallery. We will update you on that next month.

 photo April 2017   26_zpsxnssnaoh.jpg

The beds are starting to fill -

 photo April 2017   17_zpsvzkccaao.jpg

and as always we have more pots than we know what to do with.

 photo April 2017   16_zpsh7cc2n5z.jpg

Still very much 'work in progress'

 photo April 2017   18_zpsoflfefhw.jpg

To end with, our fuchsias awaiting their new home.

 photo April 2017   31_zpskiiwdnkm.jpg

Along side of a couple of new ones.

 photo April 2017   32_zpsk2ozgbhs.jpg

Till next Month then my lovelies
It's t.t.f.n. from me

 photo April 2017   24_zpsqbofd3ev.jpg

and Cheerio, Pip Pip, from Doncaster Donny.


Friday, 31 March 2017

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - March

Spring is all about colour and our little garden certainly had that this month.

 photo P1340939 - crop_zpsg6zzywqo.jpg

Both 'Tete a tete' and 'Morpho' are looking fabulous in the window boxes.

 photo P1340942 crop_zps553sidx4.jpg

The front garden is full of promise for latter in the season. Especially the Nicotiana mutabilis under the window.

 photo P1340944_zpszcdd10u7.jpg

The daffs and wall flowers coming on nicely.

 photo P1340943_zpsx9efek2r.jpg

There is more colour in the main garden.

 photo P1340956_zpsjpkbvndf.jpg

Narcissus "February Gold".

 photo P1340929_zpscimgkmfn.jpg

 photo P1340963_zpsok9qd2l7.jpg

The cyclamen are still putting on a good show and the Anemone blanda is just about to.

 photo P1340974_zpsmxqwi63j.jpg

 photo P1340982 crop_zpswfnl6gvy.jpg

 photo P1340983_zpsrhkvebym.jpg

Crocus are popping up all over the place.

 photo P1340976_zpsyfdcn87l.jpg

Evan the indoor Hyacinths we stuck in the ground after they flowered in the house a year or so ago are looking lovely.

 photo P1340986_zpsur4vcww3.jpg

 photo P1340927_zpsvau7lih2.jpg

 photo P1340932_zpsgg9t7acv.jpg

New this year are three varieties of Iris reticulata which are a great joy on a dull day.

 photo P1350157_zpshc63f6da.jpg

Our old faves are making a showing too. The 'snake's head fritillary' and Anemone "De Caen"

 photo P1350159_zps3vyo5hb8.jpg

Most of the plants over wintering in pots have survived, battered but alive.

 photo P1340979_zpsljzl6ckm.jpg

29 out of the 30 Fuchsias have signs of life.

 photo P1340947_zpskp4mbuev.jpg

 photo P1340992_zpshj5sggzr.jpg

 photo P1340925_zpsyey0i9wj.jpg

Pelargonium, “Calliope” Dark Red

 photo P1340984_zps2zkj0csx.jpg

Matthiola incana, 'Goldcut Mix

 photo P1340991_zpswcpv9foa.jpg

Chionodoxa forbesei.

 photo P1340961_zpsq08rg4my.jpg

 photo P1340960_zpspixrcytq.jpg

All the post Winter clearing up and sorting out we did last Month has paid off and the garden has at last come into life.

 photo P1340966_zpsuu1pdu9h.jpg

All that and we have the seedlings to look forward to too.This is one of the three surviving Canna indica seedlings. It was sown back in October and we are very proud of it.

 photo P1340945_zpsstj6jjzd.jpg

Till next time then me lovelies