Saturday, 31 January 2015

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - January

Hello my darlings I am rather late with this one so "Happy New Year", and it's just a quick run through of the state of play in our garden as it was in mid January.

 photo P1270583_zps77c5a93e.jpg

Indoors the hyacinth was a real joy.

 photo P1270587_zps96cebdd0.jpg

As was the Peace Lily with its yearly single flower

 photo P1270593_zps5032b50f.jpg

The window boxes gave us some colour through a very drab month.

 photo P1270598_zpsaa4ad6b5.jpg

 photo P1270597_zps7cbd1b17.jpg

 photo P1270602_zps98967188.jpg

 photo P1270600_zps0e8940d0.jpg

 photo P1270603_zps86bc83b6.jpg

Daffs are up, wallflowers are filling-out and the Nicotiana are holding on in the front border.

 photo P1270595_zpsdc63c15d.jpg

While, out the back -

 photo P1270612_zps0b96b5eb.jpg

 photo P1270613_zps128a5687.jpg

 photo P1270615_zps846214cd.jpg

 photo P1270616_zps0c10e884.jpg

The three apple trees that once were an espalier are due for a second pruning in February.

 photo P1270624_zps3ebde819.jpg

The greenhouse is fab though it is is difficult to ventilate and is causing issues with damp.

 photo P1270633_zps3623a7ad.jpg

 photo P1270631_zps05fa3e2e.jpg

 photo P1270629_zpsba181f2a.jpg

With seed sowing starting in earnest, it's back to the kitchen table.

 photo P1270605_zps56a13254.jpg

 photo P1270606_zps9cae9ee6.jpg

 photo P1270607_zps506b2808.jpg

Outside the plants in containers are, so far, surviving the frosts.

 photo P1270611_zps2470fd50.jpg

 photo P1270621_zps07d4b9a9.jpg

 photo P1270619_zpsa9fbe041.jpg

Back inside, we are over the moon that last year's Hippeastrum has a new flower forming!

 photo P1270608_zps8d61c963.jpg

All in all, Doncaster Donny seems rather pleased.

 photo P1270614_zpsa2908669.jpg



Poster Art on the Tube

 photo Poster-artwork--designed-for-London-by-Tom-Eckersley-1995_zps6e215d62.jpg

Hello me dears.

A Londoner cant but help but to have a love hate relationship with the Tube. One of the things I have always loved is its use of artist in the creation of its posters. There are of course many fab Art Deco examples. 
last year I was very pleased to be faced with T.F.L.'s offering, celebrating 150 years of tube travel.

Hear are a few for your perusal.

 photo 13130110001000FFFFFF0_zpsa8d68602.jpeg

 photo Paul-Catherall-Battersea-Power-Station_zps59925b1d.gif

 photo NL384406_942long_zps8ba6bc22.jpg

 photo paul_catherall_oxo_red_2_zps4c7655ec.jpg

 photo StPancrasStation_zpsa4d048e5.jpeg

 photo B3x4cmRCAAAUJXo_zps1d3bb935.jpg

 photo 12376110001000FFFFFF0_zps9cfeffbc.jpeg

Mind The Gap !

 photo SouthoftheThamesbyTube2014_zpsaf5f1c9a.jpeg


Wednesday, 31 December 2014

N4 The Gardens - December

Hello me dears.
Just a little post this month.There are still a surprising amount of things in flower. However with the cold, rain, wind and almost perpetual darkness I have not felt much like wandering about.

So on that somewhat negative note, lets see what jollies Harringay had to offer this month.

 photo DSC_0763_zps103dbf54.jpg

Hebes are always good value this time of year.

 photo DSC_0764_zps64dcb92f.jpg
A chrysanthemum that managed to escape the frost.

 photo DSC_0767_zps56068c89.jpg
as did this lovely geranium (just).

 photo DSC_0900_zps828a78f8.jpg
The first of the many Arum lilies (Zantedeschia) to flower in the area.

 photo DSC_0766_zps7e56a594.jpg
Just outside the 'Gardens' in Harringay Road, the first blossom I have seen so far.

 photo DSC_0765_zps90b65927.jpg
This amazing Abutilon also in Harringay Road is a true joy.

There is always someone to let the side down however:

 photo DSC_0909_zps08f2a46a.jpg

Why ? What's it say anyway?!

Hey ho till next month me dears when we should be awash with Camellias


The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - December

The end of another month and another year.
The equinox has past bringing with it the beginning of the end of winter.

 photo P1270567_zps2f80d8e1.jpg

 photo P1270571_zps02cac5fa.jpg

 photo P1270570_zpsdd732d0b.jpg

 photo P1270568_zpsd0694b56.jpg

 photo P1270522_zps8b2df580.jpg

The violas and pansies have just started to take off and are looking fab,

 photo P1270529_zps0a75e58b.jpg

We have had a few frosts this month and with Jan and Feb to come I am sure we will get a few more.
Its so far so good with the Nicotiana.

 photo P1270519_zpsc783d437.jpg

Both the aserinas and the scented  leafed pelargonium seem perfectly happy.

 photo P1270521_zps42a3b454.jpg

We have started sowing seeds and putting the greenhouse to use.

 photo P1270502_zps1613f78d.jpg

Calendula, Salvia and Penstemon.

 photo P1270508_zpsb52a5334.jpg

 photo P1270513_zps0b2ea21f.jpg

We loved the Agastache we grew from seed last year and hope to get it through the winter

 photo P1270510_zps5a3c8170.jpg

My nephew's first ever cutting is doing well too.

 photo P1270507_zpsd7332d65.jpg

This was our first year growing dahlias and they proved to be a real joy. 
Grown from seed, and with the move left in pots and sadly neglected,
 they have still produced a bumper crop of tubers.

 photo P1270505_zpsb14dcc2c.jpg

All the ' Bishops Children ' have been wrapped up and put to bed.

 photo P1270504_zps674a2737.jpg

Bulbs are sprouting

 photo P1270500_zps082a79c5.jpg

and the bluebells rescued from the old garden are starting to show through.

 photo P1270503_zpsb6f169d4.jpg

Osteospermum -

 photo P1270518_zps6f01afc0.jpg

Ragged, yes, but still doing their best to give a little colour.

 photo P1270516_zps8f19edf5.jpg

All in all Doncaster Donny seems quite pleased.

 photo P1270501_zps576c2682.jpg

There tiz then, me lovelies

Till next year.