Sunday, 20 April 2014

Random - Spring in London

Hello me dears.
Its a particularly wet and miserable Easter Sunday here at Delargo Towers. To cheer us up lets remind our selves of how horrid winter was and how fab Spring actually is no matter what the weather. 

We start way back in February with the snowdrops at our doctors surgery.
 photo 1d4aaccc-ca33-4b2f-b62a-1694df713878_zps24d46865.jpg

Ducketts common, N8

 photo duckett_zpsd64d8c06.jpg

Ducketts common, N8

 photo duckett2_zpse8eca9fe.jpg

Manor House, N4

 photo SevenSistersRoad_zps36d6e26b.jpg

Ducketts common, N8

 photo DSC_0037_zps9b677a9f.jpg

A trip to a garden centre is always a must in Spring, Alley Pally - N22

 photo AllyPallygardencentre1_zps430adbae.jpg

 photo AllyPallygardencentre2_zpsa8847196.jpg

 photo AllyPallygardencentre_zpsa5b787c9.jpg

Maidavale, W9

 photo MaidaValecamellia_zpsac136300.jpg

 photo DSC_0039_zpsb4c27481.jpg

St Annes Gardens Islington, N15

 photo StAnnesGardensIslington_zpsa9e45bcb.jpg

Highbury Barn, N5

 photo HighburyBarn1_zps3cefdc76.jpg

Canonbury Gardens.N1

 photo CanonburyGardens_zpsfd80619e.jpg

St Annes Gardens Islington, N15

 photo StAnnesGardensIslington2_zps95a6af58.jpg

Leathermarket Gardens, SE1

 photo LeathermarketGardens_zps87a620b1.jpg

 photo IMG_3230_zps61d3f927.jpg

Guerrilla gardening in Harringay, N4

 photo ladder_zps40ee5140.jpg

Orchids in wood green, N 22

 photo woodgreen0_zpsc534d49c.jpg

Maidavale, W9

 photo 4d354557-3a40-4318-8209-30786c8434b4_zpsbc4f272f.jpg

And to end with cherry blossom in the garden of the lodge to the manor house of Chitts Hill. Sadly it is all that remains the house and farm buildings were demolished in the 1890s

 photo woodgreen9_zps6ef6d885.jpg

Hope you found that jolly



Friday, 28 March 2014

The Gardens of Delargo Towers - March

Here we are again me dears with another month all but gone. March didn't come 'in like a lion' and seems not to be going 'out like a lamb'. We have had a mixed bag of weather though, warm sunny spring like days early on and hail and icy east winds towards the end. However things are on the move in the garden.

 photo P1240444_zps28af8d39.jpg

This species tulip started the month of to a good start.

 photo P1240439_zpsf9212cff.jpg

 photo P1240450_zps060f6221.jpg

 photo P1240452_zps40b618e1.jpg

pure joy.

 photo P1240454_zps72bb8fb2.jpg

Mean while the window boxes are looking fab too.

 photo P1240785_zpscc085ea6.jpg

 photo P1240784_zpse68c07c1.jpg

 photo P1240600_zpsd4853d5c.jpg

 photo P1240597_zps1185355a.jpg

Last year we were so pleased that the Virginian stock had self seeded in the paving. This year it has done it again and looks even better.

 photo P1240780_zps2dc234d5.jpg

 photo P1240781_zps2f97cc7f.jpg

the border is in a bit of a betwixt and between stage now that the early dafs have finished.

 photo P1240782_zps9fdb4bd3.jpg

and our one and only surviving Hollyhock is still hanging on in its drain. Fingers crossed it might flower this year.

 photo P1240786_zps92792337.jpg

In the 'court yard garden' things are coming to life too.

 photo P1240764_zps7f8d5d09.jpg

 photo P1240766_zpsf5033463.jpg

 photo P1240765_zps9cebdeff.jpg

 photo P1240771_zps407e7a48.jpg

Alistair's narcissus has managed to flower again.

 photo P1240787_zps854f13b7.jpg

as have his Wood Anemones.

 photo P1240467_zps356ed2d5.jpg

 photo P1240457_zpsc2ba06e6.jpg

Every thing over wintering in the pots are now in growth;

 photo P1240767_zps0753bc3e.jpg

 photo P1240768_zps7f8174fa.jpg

The cuttings have been potted on;

 photo P1240775_zps27352692.jpg

The pear tree is breaking bud;

 photo P1240774_zpsc953f851.jpg

Some of the Summer bulbs are up;

 photo P1240770_zps65430f55.jpg

and with a little luck with the weather we might get some after work 'wine time' in the garden again.

 photo P1240788_zps85150c64.jpg

P.S. In case you were wondering where Doncaster Donny was. He went of in a huff earlier but he is there in one of the photos somewhere.



Sunday, 23 March 2014

Divas' - Marlene Dietrich

We very much enjoyed the Camden and Islington LGBT History Month this year. It was in fact the largest such event in Europe so in that case indeed the world. One of the highlights for me was a talk given by Terry Sanderson the president of the National Secular Society.  His subject and life long obsession was the amazing force of nature that was Marlene Dietrich.

 photo MarleneDietrichtophat_zps096dc89b.jpg

You can read all about it on the pages of the wonderful blog of
Dolores Delargo Towers,  Museum of Camp

I also cant go any further with out thanking and recommending the fab tumblr
Opera Queen

 photo marlene-dietrich-destry-rides-again_zps91c5b3cd.jpg

I thought I knew a fair bit about her but actually only her films and persona, little about her early life or her as a person at all. She was indeed more facinating than I had thought.

 photo tumblr_mg16o55MyI1qgyefyo1_1280_zps1c2d6c6a.jpg

 photo tumblr_mak3i707Gn1qbypyyo1_1280_zps80d4956c.jpg

 photo marleand_zps4a591004.jpg

 photo tumblr_ml5srsrZQv1qgyefyo1_1280_zps93ed9d4a.jpg

 photo tumblr_lo4vcqtaKy1qgyefyo1_1280_zpsd6c20158.jpg

 photo tumblr_miu8zdgAPO1qgyefyo2_1280_zps7bf5c626.png

 photo marlene-dietrich-02_zps954c21ae.jpg

 photo MARLENEDIETRICH_zps2a6d55bf.jpg

 photo DietrichTux_zps4215da06.jpg

 photo tumblr_mnsaqf7J1E1qgyefyo1_1280_zpsaa25f330.jpg

 photo tumblr_mpzirlq0Qi1qgyefyo1_1280_zps75087d6e.jpg

 photo Marlene_Dietrichfeathers_zpsf0d830c3.jpg

 photo marlenedietrich-blackoperastheladyiswilling1942_zpsf3f5bde9.jpg

 photo tumblr_miswccSr2r1qgyefyo1_r1_1280_zps29f7eba6.jpg

 photo tumblr_muqydcZhXN1qgyefyo1_1280_zps93d2d922.jpg

 photo tumblr_mispb5OGpx1qgyefyo1_1280_zps1aad9560.jpg

 photo tumblr_mv5ft3ub861qgyefyo1_1280_zps7b44960e.jpg

 photo tumblr_lyh8wgfG9E1qgyefyo1_1280_zps7c77e337.jpg

 photo tumblr_miu8x6ZUaa1qgyefyo1_1280_zps585df573.png

 photo tumblr_ml636yIjqY1qgyefyo1_1280_zpsbbef1089.jpg

I knew of her hatred of the Nazis but to hear of her life in Germany before the war her exile during it and her return after it. I found very moving. 

 photo tumblr_mnonz03F4r1qgyefyo1_1280_zpsb13a3369.jpg

This song captures the sense of loss she felt on returning to Berlin after the war
' Where Have All The Flowers Gone'

 photo tumblr_mp2avmkHyX1qgyefyo1_1280_zps83f9a6da.png

 photo tumblr_m3iudx0t2n1qgyefyo1_1280_zps5ea38172.jpg

 photo MarleneDietrich1972_zps4fa930e1.jpg

 photo tumblr_mnxqfzBv551qgyefyo1_r1_1280_zps6729fffc.jpg

Here is a little note that I think is just fab.

 photo tumblr_lk8qqeuTaj1qgyefyo1_1280_zps1cb42c99.jpg

She was her own creation and what a fantastic creature she was, on film, stage recording studio and camera but it wasn't until Mr. Sanderson's talk that I realized what an amazing life she had and person she was.

Just to show that there was a lot more to her than most of us knew here she is with -
 "Wot cher"   Knocked 'em in the Old Kent Road!