Friday, 30 November 2012

The Gardens of Delargo Towers - November

Hello me dears.
What a miserable month November turned out to be. Dark, damp and cold.

There was not a lot happening in the garden in fact I didn't take any pictures this month but it looks very much as it did in October.

Cosmos still battling the elements and trying to flower. Geraniums still in the pink and fuchsia ' Winston Churchill' showing off with loads of flower.

The main event this month was re potting the Lilium Regale ready for next year. We were hoping the bulbs had grown this year and they certainly have.

Four hefty bulbs and two about the size of the original three we bought two years ago.

The pot was one solid mass of roots and a bit to wet for the job in hand. I lost too many scales in the attempt to remove the bulbs.

But don't fear they have been replanted along with assorted sized bulb-lets

A big clean up and sort out is planned for the beginning of December so I will take some photos again then.