Thursday, 30 June 2016

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - June

Well me dears here we are again, as you may know from the last post, me blog has been a bit "dormant" from April to September! Please bear with me while I catch up.

June was the month for the foxgloves. We grew them from seed last year and had a few flowers then. 
We definitely will sow them again this year.

 photo 6051ffe6-4a5b-4bdc-b647-3318cbbedd10_zpsxb1knsht.jpg
 photo 263d5878-302b-4108-bd45-166ad67087a3_zpsk0g7qqfe.jpg

 photo d2a57c02-1ea8-434d-b295-3c8a32a37088_zpsp5zvnyz8.jpg

To our great joy Geranium pratense ' Purple Haze ' (from seed!) has flowered at last, and was well worth the wait.

 photo 29081cfe-ac95-487b-a668-7e8f1e1069e1_zpsozvqwynf.jpg
 photo ff8422ba-34e2-4c4e-806e-3dd78b0b29e7_zpswf41pmsz.jpg

Allium cristophii

 photo bca0f4fa-89c0-44c5-9d22-1ee5f25ce2f8_zps6vxmz1ij.jpg

One of the new Aquilegias ("Swan" mixed ).

 photo 4a7a288e-5a96-4267-80f4-fc3eb6445b61_zps7rbmjrt2.jpg

We have decided to create a "hot border" using mainly reds, yellows and orange;
I think we have made a good start so I'll keep us posted on how we go.

 photo 5986a0b7-c2c9-4320-b550-cc7bb35d6ec8_zpstmcgkpsu.jpg
 photo 0a709756-8e47-4c7c-b2b8-633f05cb02d8_zpsct6a39yi.jpg

I have always wanted a red hot poker (Kniphofia). They remind me of Devon and Cornwall when I was little. These came from the £ shop last year and have flowered for us this.

 photo a554992d-32c2-4e8c-a752-adac706bbf92_zpsfojzd0bz.jpg

Geum - "Blazing Sunset"

 photo d329e0fd-469e-41a9-822a-1b9080443d02_zps17xx1ix0.jpg

Oxalis valdivensis

 photo 708295e4-de76-4898-bc8e-5ad15e963301_zpslnbisyrh.jpg

We treated ourselves to a couple of new pelargoniums this year: "Lord Bute" and "Aristo Orchid" - both Regals; a few red 'Ivy Leaf' pelargoniums,  along with the lovely "Global Stars and Stripes". Also new to us was "Calliope Dark Red", a cross between zonal  geraniums and ivy leaf geraniums.

 photo d968ef6c-acaa-4775-8b5f-dd3d8ada7706_zpsxltk2efn.jpg

Our collection of dahlias came through the winter and they are growing away.

 photo b8d06035-ba66-4259-8778-2544d2a4f417_zpsr0tcb0im.jpg

"Lord Bute"

 photo 39f51621-9f12-4546-9795-8f7c64c3ac43_zpspgqbcizz.jpg

Osteospermum - my nephew's first ever cutting taken in Brighton a couple of years ago and now a rather large plant:

 photo e65b393a-ec45-4b2c-97e9-7448d5886801_zpsyueuzsoi.jpg

And to close, a rather fab mushroom growing on a recycled cardboard plant pot.

 photo 0d285646-cd33-4b38-87c9-cd58d70f7c50_zpsbmwgnzy2.jpg

There we are then, me dears.
Now to catch up with July...