Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - June

After a slow and late start Summer has arrived and June has passed.
June is the month for roses and ours here at Delargo Towers have looked Ab Fab.

 photo P1280702_zpstzlgmrhu.jpg

As do the window boxes and tubs.

 photo P1280703_zpsxgfztd13.jpg

We decided to experiment with the narrow borders behind the four gigantic bins with planting out Dahlias.
They were all tubers from the 'Bishop's Children' seedlings we sowed last year.

 photo P1280701_zpsljpneprq.jpg

They are doing very well and fill the space but the colours ( mostly a sort of mucky orange ) are rather disappointing

 photo P1280704_zps8v8qjwps.jpg

The main borders are filling up after the Spring / Summer change over.

 photo P1280588_zps9zr6gmpx.jpg

The alliums have gone off like fireworks and we couldn't be more pleased with the Nicotiana mutabilis
 photo P1280592_zpsvhhg8awt.jpg

Our first ever Foxglove is a good size and thankfully a lovely pale pink rather than white.

 photo P1280594_zpssizu3dwg.jpg

 photo P1280599_zps62mqjcfb.jpg

Calendula have proved to be a good filler for a first year garden but I had no idea they could become such brutes. 
I think a few will be pulled out next month.

 photo P1280601_zpspryilsv6.jpg

A similar issue with the fabulous but floppy, scruffy Eschscholzia californica

 photo P1280603_zpsu1x76oej.jpg

 photo P1280611_zpsbtkyjxby.jpg

It has been heartbreaking to lose so many Aquilegia in the move from the old garden. 
These were grown from seed a few years ago.
We're left with three two short forms and this majestic gem.

 photo P1280612_zpsrxhtftat.jpg

 photo P1280613_zpsxvlqstft.jpg

Limnanthes douglasii or the poached egg plant was meant to be another space filler. 
It didn't really work either, to scruffy and floppy - but the hoverflies love it.We will try it again but allow it to climb up through other plants.

 photo P1280618_zps44bz7wxb.jpg

A sweet pea bed at last. My first ever.

 photo P1280631_zpszjdwmv07.jpg

The adorable Monty Don has said that Cosmos are triggered into flower not by increase of light but heat.
So we are baking ours in the green house to plant out later.

 photo P1280632_zpsoodn1ncu.jpg

Penstemon, Cobaea scandens and Acnistus Australi now called  Iochroma Australi.

 photo P1280634_zpskg6h11rr.jpg

Our deep 'midnight blue' Lupin - NOT !

 photo P1280635_zpshaxsq8cm.jpg

More froth.

 photo P1280636_zpsniemafen.jpg

Jon and I are more than a little chuffed with the results of all our pottering over the last 6 months.

 photo P1280642_zpstjkd2svt.jpg

We are having massive problems with our lilies this year but last Autumn's new addition has done us proud.

 photo P1280654_zpsjc5nvxya.jpg

Lilium martagon - Nicotine

 photo P1280653_zpsmwekrrlh.jpg

 photo P1280660_zpsxgdcl6h5.jpg

Again, as with the Aquilegia, we only have a few and rather sorry Delphiniums surviving from the move and random attacks from foxes . Again these were grown from seed a few years ago

 photo P1280888_zps4c3fxqec.jpg

We were unable to move the wonderful black hollyhock from the last garden so it is a great joy to have this one this year.

And it's black - yeah!

 photo P1280889_zpsgyxlvrvg.jpg

Not all 'Bishop's Children' are orange.

 photo P1280891_zpsol4msczk.jpg

Old fashioned sweet peas. Small in size but massive in scent.

 photo P1280637_zpshpmdju04.jpg

A busy month and a lot more pottering to do but I must say - Oh we are pleased...

 photo P1280638_zpssdzecfyn.jpg

Gin, anyone ?


Monday, 29 June 2015

Diana Dors - A very British Blonde Bombshell.

Some random facts, that you may or may not know
 on -
Diana Dors - A very British Blonde Bombshell 
and so much more.

 photo diana-dors-urricane-in-Mink_zpsgcqnskll.jpg

Diana Dors (23rd October 1931 - 4th May 1984)

 photo Diana Dors 1955l_zpsm08acvrp.jpg

"I’m the kind of girl that things naturally happen to.  When they don’t, I give them a push"

 photo i-married-a-woman-diana-dors-1958-everett_zpsva7hdanw.jpg

" I was the first home-grown sex symbol, rather like Britain's naughty seaside postcards."

 photo Diana Dors 195_zpsyhv6n3xq.jpg

Dors was the maiden name of her grandmother.

 photo Diana Dors 1955b_zps0jyui7rj.jpg

When Marilyn Monroe's first film was shown here, a columnist actually wrote, 
"How much like our Diana Dors she is."

 photo Diana Dors 1955q_zpso5zwsr56.jpg

 photo Diana Dors 1955p_zpstiqmgr6n.jpg

her first film was 'Dancing with Crime' (1947) 

 photo Diana Dors 1955r_zps46uqiigl.jpg

and her last was 'Steaming' (1984)

 photo Diana Dors 1955g_zpsirfug6qd.jpg

As an actress she covered every thing from Panto to Shakespeare.

 photo diana-dors-1956_1403220b_zpstnyezluy.jpg

She never owned a mansion without a swimming pool. 

 photo Diana Dors 1955h_zpskxchn6u5.jpg

It was her ambition as a child playing in a mud pond in her front yard to have her own swimming pool

 photo Diana Dors 1955e_zpshbyn7nzv.jpg

Not every one can get away with a Mink Bikini.

 photo Diana Dors in a mink bikini at the Venice Film Festival_zpso7vhv00l.jpg

 photo Diana Dors 1955_zps7fj9sty6.jpg

 photo DIANA-gun-4_zpsi7hr724j.jpg

She was a close friend of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain.

 photo Diana Dors_zpsjyoupgcw.jpg

 photo Diana_Dors_01B-782882_zpsxdiaxlhe.jpg

She loved luxury and didn't care who knew it.

 photo DorsBed_zpskho0xmbl.jpg

 photo D and d_zpsnvwn2xi1.jpg

The 1949 Delahaye Roadster, was given to Diana Dors when she was 17.

 photo 1949-delahaye-175-s-saoutchik-roadster_zpsvqmyf93h.jpg

Which sold for $3 million (£1.9m) at a California auction in 2010

 photo 4483135_zpsxo2uanpz.jpg

Her first single was released on HMV Records in 1951
The tracks were "I Feel So Mmmm" and "A Kiss and a Cuddle 

 photo 51FM2pLO4JL_zpsj4cxsgyi.jpg

She continued to record on various labels:
and in 1982 she recorded  her last single "Where Did They Go?"/"It's You Again"

 photo 116425_zps3obfleyh.jpg

You can hear her sing on YouTube

 photo 410595b_zpsfptukrly.jpg

Youth never lasts

 photo tumblr_m9p79nDS9B1rfu1kro1_500_zpsep3u1paw.gif

But a larger than life personality does.

 photo tumblr_m9p79nDS9B1rfu1kro2_500_zps9j3mkcub.gif

 As well as the glamour she was no stranger to camp -

 photo 9a32a577299257c93b5279337329660ae8dafe57_zpss33zj7ac.jpg

and comedy

 photo 98a13d8569a212a6f11b0becff0e377c622388d8_zpskxtqgur3.jpg

She also found time ( in between outrageous parties ) to do a lot of  work for charity including gay rights

 photo DIANA-DORS- at the vauxhal tavern_zpsulenq8lw.jpg

Above at a fund-raiser at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

 photo the-smiths-s_zpsie6o34wy.jpg

and here an icon for Morresy.

 photo Unreleased-demos-and-instr-front_zps1ouanvdl.jpg

and for me.

 photo d3b2e1da9e15f1cbe20c9f345208c1c2b9afe51b_zpsanvwsdl0.jpg

 photo diana-dors-1237753378_zps7igapk08.jpg

any one denounced by the Archbishop of Canterbury, as a "wayward hussy." deserves to be cherished.

 photo diana-dors-0_zpseajajw3u.jpg

She must have been one hell of a woman.

 photo p01h0pcb_zpsp3qgrtgn.jpg

Here is the lady herself with Russell Harty

and again with Larry Grayson.

There will and never could be another. 

 photo bfi-00m-vym_zpsl2owhynk.jpg

Gone but never to be forgotten
Diana Mary Fluck - I and the whole nation adore you