Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Gardens of Delargo Towers - April 2012

The weather has been awful but things are still growing and flowering here at Delargo Towers. April was the sunniest on record. This one is a wash-out. Hey ho.

Things looked promising earlier in the month and the pear was covered in blossom.

The Tulips and Narcissi put on a good show.

...and the poor little beleaguered Snake's Head Fritillary flowered, despite slugs and cats.

Lilies just showing:

That was the beginning of April. By the last week, with no shortage of water, things have moved on.

Wallflowers are looking jolly and the Canterbury Bells are sending up their flower spikes.

Our herb collection is coming on; so far I have rescued Rosemary, Basil, Thyme and Chives from Sainsburys. The trick is to pot them on straight away - as they are just jammed into the pot with next to no compost, they are designed to die an early death. How cruel!

We are so pleased with the Delphiniums we planted from seed last year. They are doing really well, as is the Verbena which survived the winter and has given us several cuttings.

You can just see the native Bluebells in our "wild corner" at the back with yellow Fumitory and Herb Robert (presents from the birds and the wind). Some self-sown Borage will be transplanted there soon too.

The window boxes are ready and waiting to take position but its far to bleak out the front to put them out yet.

This year everyone is talking about 'grow your own' and we too will be doing a little of just that. Along with herbs we have a strawberry and a tomato and plan to sow rocket and salad stuff in our new plastic "raised bed".

Oh, and have a look at the pot of Lilium Regale and compare it to the photo further up - not bad growth for a couple of weeks.

First flowering of Streptocarpus 'Spirit' and 'Harlequin'.

Roll on May even if the forecast is still dreadful. Fingers crossed for some sun!



Saturday, 28 April 2012

Kew Garden - a year on one page.

I have been posting monthly on our own bijou garden here at Delargo Towers but have never thought to post my visits to Kew. We try to get to Kew at least once every month but I have never blogged it (the photos are generally posted on my or on Lady Delargo's Photobucket).

Click here if you fancy a look at  my Kew .There is only one pic in the main folder which is of the two of us at Kew way back in 2000; you need to go to the sub-folders to see the pics.

Now that we are in the grip of the curse of  'St Swithin-esque' climes, with rain and unsettled weather predicted until the middle of August, I still have not visited Kew in April yet ( I seem to miss the lilacs every year, and I do love them so).

Today is my only day off this week and it being a complete washout, I turned to my photos of last year to cheer me up, hence this post and a regular Kew update to follow.

We will start in April last year.

...not so damp methinks.

Bluebells, Lilac and Wisteria.

May 2011

True faves - Mecanopsis, Rhodohpoxis and...

...Peonies. How they will do with the weather this year is doubtful.


The month of wine and roses.

They have done a lot of work on the rose garden at Kew so I am looking forward to the display this year. 

I love the old fashioned roses and of course the spectacular and fragrant Regale lily.


The 'order beds' and the 'Duke's Garden' are at their best at this time of year.

Phlox and Agapanthus in the Duke's Garden, and Penstemon in the order beds.


I seemed to have missed August in 2011 so the photos are thanks to Alistair.

As you can see Alistair's photos are a bit more artistic than my snaps! I have included a few more than the three per month I have allotted myself.

...well, one more anyway.


Moving into September,

everything is full and mellow.

A fabulous blue Salvia on the wall by the rock garden:

Verbena and Verbascum: a fab combination.


Once again I need to rely upon Alistair. We were busy bees in October and while we have photos of the gardens in Regent's Park and Clissold Park there are none of Kew.

Autumn crocus tells us this summer is nearly over.

Monkshood. and little ol' me in the order beds:


The amazing Titan Arum. We still have not seen it in flower yet just the spike or the dead flower. Maybe this year...

More Salvias. They flowered right into the winter.

The summer has faded.


Thanks again to Alistair.

January 2012

We had some fab weather in January.

Witch Hazel on the mound of the Temple of Bellona (the Roman Goddess of War), which also contains a plaque in memory of staff of Kew Gardens who were killed in the two World Wars.

Snowdrops in the rockery; and both Camellias and the Rhodos were out in January!


My birthday month this month, and it's all indoors for the Tropical Extravaganza again thanks to Alistair.


Full circle and the last time we saw any sun.

Early spring.

Mayflowers and Magnolias against the blue sky. Pure heaven.

Just one more photo to end. The same way as I like to end all my visits to Kew!

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