Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Gardens of Delargo Towers - January

Here we are then me dears, We are into the new year and in with it comes the snow.

We might have lost one of the Dimorphotheca / Osteospermum but its fingers crossed for the other.

Alistair's bluebells are peeping through the snow and the remaining campanula are as strong as cabbages.
There are a few still in the bed and a couple still in pots, all survivors that failed to flower last summer.

Talking of pots as you can see we have a few that are reminding us that Spring is on the way at some point. Hard to believe as that is at the moment.

 Unprotected but not unloved most plants have to fend for them selves through the winter.

Some should be tough enough and others are tougher than you think

Last year the Climbing Snapdragon Asarina scandens came through the winter so we are hoping that it will again. It would be awful to lose it. The strawberry looks ok and you never know we might get more than 1 each this year !

Lets face it last years grow your own was a flop and has put me of growing tomatos or any kind of veg for life. Only the pear tree was a success and that did every thing by it self.

Our brave little geraniums sheltering on by the kitchen window have not stopped flowering since early Summer.

The only protection we can offer is the mini green house and that is fully booked with the regal pelargonium,Fuchsia Winston Churchill and assorted geranium cuttings.

As all ways I will end looking froward to next month when the dafs will be in flower

 and may be the wall flower left from last spring too



Thursday, 10 January 2013

More Randomness

Here we are again me dears with a little filler while I slog away on the research of yet another blog about London markets.

Random pics that I have come across and thought it might be jolly to share.
They are all assumed to be in the public domain and of course will be removed if asked to do so.

 Dolores Del Rio

 Empress Alexandra Feodorovna’s diamond and aquamarine kokoshnik tiara.

 Errol Flynn flanked by Robert Mitchum (left) and Burt Lancaster (right)


 Gore Vidal

 Josephine Baker

 Princess Victoria-Mary "May" of Teck the future Queen Mary.

 Maria Callas in 1957 by Beaton.

 Tamara de Lempicka.

Tsar Nicholas II and King George V.

Let me know if you think they are fun and I will do some more