Saturday, 30 April 2016

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - April

A slow start to Spring, cool and grey mostly but we have a stunner to share this month.

 photo P1320189_zpsozedu24i.jpg

Chionodoxa forbesei

 photo P1320202_zpsswanwfut.jpg

A great Joy and it flowered all month long too.

 photo P1320203_zpsbvabvwhi.jpg
 photo P1320186_zpsvcuxoyv4.jpg
 photo P1320187_zpsrf1htjea.jpg
 photo P1320204_zpsqcsqy5hp.jpg

The violas in the front window boxes are still putting on a fab show.

 photo P1320310_zpsub7h17yb.jpg
 photo P1320311_zpsuvz3zcf5.jpg
 photo P1320312_zpsvcrwycek.jpg
 photo P1320309_zps4fkjzizy.jpg

 photo P1320301_zpsorsn1ps5.jpg

The wall flowers are getting ready to do their stuff.

 photo P1320303_zpss0eacb2p.jpg

they are already looking good

 photo P1320302_zpshgonitra.jpg

and smell lovely

 photo P1320298_zpsyuvrioau.jpg

not much wow factor in the beds but thing are moving on and starting to grow

 photo P1320283_zpswdliga0i.jpg

 photo P1320287_zps6hz8ertz.jpg

The last daff of the year

 photo P1320184_zpsesoucnhj.jpg

along with the bluebells give us some interest

 photo P1320294_zpskuoearnf.jpg

The aquilegias are out of the green house and in the garden.

 photo P1320289_zpsncyqeu71.jpg

and have been replaced by this years crop of seedlings and dahlia tubers.

 photo P1320293_zpsbqtgw4w8.jpg

It's a busy time for us with always something to do so not a very detailed post this month but we should see the benefit next month

 Roll on May