Monday, 30 September 2013

The Gardens of Delargo Towers - September.

September fades away, and alas so does the Summer.

 The window boxes might be past their best but are still full of flower

The cosmos are still heading for the sky but have at last started to flower

Plants for free  - Petunias have seeded in the pavement!


While the cosmos in the back border are at the same stage

To our great joy we have had these lovely old clay pots gifted to us by Lady Bermondsey.

More plants for free - this time it's an Asarina that's seeded itself in with the lilies:

All the pots have done well this summer but it will soon be time to start sorting them out for Autumn proper.

All the fuchsias are looking fab with lots more flower to come.

 photo P1210771_zps38f8235d.jpg

Its time to tackle the honeysuckle again methinks.

At least enough to keep it tidy and to be able to get at the pears

Next month will be time to start the harvest.

So with that to look forward to, it's bye from me and a ta ta from Donny.

Is it me or is he looking a bit grumpy today ?

till next time