Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - May

Well me dears here we are again... Me blog has been dormant for most of the Summer months and I have teetered on the brink of giving up after my last post in April; and, despite the date at the top of this post, it is now September! 
However bear with me while I catch up.

 photo P1320464_zpsv1rhof67.jpg

Beginning in May, our foxgloves (all from seed - Digitalis purpurea 'Excelsior Hybrids') all did very well.

 photo P1320326_zpsrhwscphv.jpg

Bluebells, moved from the old garden, were not as strong as last year.

 photo P1320329_zps3fdkhd8e.jpg

 photo P1320340_zpsftkrt8z6.jpg

Apple blossom.

 photo P1320362_zpsl7aqzrkk.jpg

Wallflowers again from seed - 'Persian Carpet'

 photo P1320319_zpsjhvzytcd.jpg
 photo P1320320_zps8rzztqxr.jpg
 photo P1320332_zpsbtriaero.jpg

Aquilegia hybrids.

 photo P1320315_zps8hjeif92.jpg
 photo P1320349 crop_zpsdmybhf4u.jpg
 photo P1320314_zpsat3at8nj.jpg
 photo P1320453_zpsdhxdxngk.jpg

One of the few surviving Anemone St. Brigid.

 photo P1320488_zpsnzwsdf5y.jpg
 photo P1320490_zpsutpycrxr.jpg

A rare treat for us, a bought in plant - Geranium 'Johnson's Blue'

 photo P1320472_zps3ygiqaal.jpg

Another shop-bought beauty - Salvia farinacea Sallyfun™ Blue

 photo P1320458_zpsnua4c4we.jpg

After nurturing a rather sickly Primula auricula all of last year, it was a joy this year.

 photo P1320353_zpsdgwc3c1h.jpg
 photo P1320356_zpsgdszdfcw.jpg

May was a good start for the roses

 photo P1320496_zpskwuez46x.jpg

 photo P1320494_zpshehaxxgl.jpg

Ready for Summer planting

 photo P1320461_zpsslbigvn4.jpg

Nice to be back,
and a back-dated June post shouldn't be too far away...