Monday, 31 October 2016

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - October

Here we are again me dears at the end of October. 
Summer is over but we still have plenty of flower and colour.

 photo 67163bf0-2b51-4c77-9533-5e9ae6a519a2_zpsaoqmheew.jpg

The salvias have been a real joy this year ( check last months post for the names )

 photo e88551d3-0331-41e8-9ef9-9117e8bf5bb3_zpsohvv2kxq.jpg

 photo 99cbbf92-155a-4539-82ed-1e80e222616d_zpsx9yuzbuf.jpg

 photo 3f6b0000-9f7d-491d-ab7a-ccb5263d4b3a_zps2cdpgbtq.jpg

 photo 70d03e01-c2eb-4947-b23f-d3110b97cbee_zpst3z0imwo.jpg

They have mixed with our old favourites so well and have made a rather wonderful late Summer / Autumn border.

 photo b6693fd5-a4f6-44e6-8089-6185edf3e5c5_zpsh59egbqs.jpg

mixed with nicotiana mutabilis and verbena bonariensis the effect the effect is both effortless and sublime.

 photo 86687ba8-a0ca-46d1-8a5e-1ee827b3fc30_zps7qjjyqcl.jpg

 photo 622018d6-d065-424a-a380-2a4d8a0686e1_zpsphkjy5b2.jpg

They are all plants we would never want to be without in any garden .

 photo c21bd3d5-036f-4c70-98d0-b9f55db4fc93_zpsrnttikx5.jpg

We also love our new bed for hot colours but it does need a bit of a rethink. 
We have already bought seeds to give it a bit of a vamp up next year.

 photo 145055b5-dcdf-48c1-82a2-0ea47fa13a44_zpsnaulfefs.jpg

 photo f9b7d2c4-7450-4a52-81c3-527c0b135a21_zpsidzkwgyx.jpg

The beautiful but offending pink penstemons  have now been moved.

 photo ca80fdab-8b7f-4692-a948-2a4e78add232_zpsjymueqc6.jpg

 photo dc7c8c10-b50f-4ee2-ac47-780a682e4f37_zpssbnkxeup.jpg

We both have been totally amazed both by the beauty and flower power of Mina lobata - Spanish Flag

All of that growth and flower from seed in one season !

 photo 93dc95d5-dd51-4029-83f3-43ef5de1f11d_zpscb4jw0rp.jpg

We shall definitely be sowing again next Spring

 photo 66026a43-d6ec-4487-af71-38dcecf3ebf3_zps0sdprhme.jpg

Most of the fuchsias have done us proud 
Well worth their weight in flowers this time of year.

 photo 2ddb2232-4d73-4680-9e72-58213ecbaff8_zpsmvi8code.jpg

as indeed are all the three species of  nicotiana that we grow. 
All three are in flower this month
This is nicotiana roulette

 photo 29a910b5-1d2c-488b-9147-06c650f1771f_zpsojnvo8sn.jpg

Apart from one vine growing through the apple trees most of the cobaea scandens have been a little slow but they are all kicking in now.

 photo 56b4154c-0d23-4dc2-9b8d-80c3b356fdf7_zpsuzhoeok6.jpg

 photo d56733db-353b-4a8c-b5af-b1ab234e723d_zpsoqfp14lj.jpg

The view from our bedroom window.

 photo P1330950_zpsyg4d3adt.jpg

 photo 37d07c5e-f9a0-4582-bbe7-e4ea0cf4ba35_zpswjszdax7.jpg

This is the third nicotiana still in flower after flowering all Summer
- sylvestris

 photo 01e22c0e-e04a-4ed1-83d1-b8209d8aefe3_zpsrn9amxxe.jpg

 photo 52b74363-a2dc-4e1b-a7bd-5d90a5493465_zpsnjmq4p9j.jpg

 photo bdcca5a5-9efc-48db-b28c-31a2b4421328_zpspahvnes3.jpg

 photo fe70d402-5bbb-457e-85d0-7cedc91d0fe7_zpsnighdvkd.jpg

 photo 3fcc1db1-ef25-4bbb-a4ce-53334406f599_zpslu4wc6ql.jpg

In the plastic greenhouse.

 photo 9b48f04a-9b69-4cb7-8829-e0fb40609ecd_zps0fifk2ot.jpg

At the moment we have a few things sheltering from what may come. 
There are also a few hardy perennial seedlings 
but you will have to wait till the next post to find out about them

 photo 4e1e91bd-445b-4803-bcbf-91c10cba7ef3_zpsmswe6ozk.jpg

Doncaster Donny is doing his best to get the plants ready for Winter -

 photo b02399ff-fcc5-4d78-986c-1b96d2b1774c_zpsq1desafb.jpg

- and it is a time for us to think about what went well or ill this year and start to plan for next. 

The foxgloves wallflowers and Brompton stocks we sowed late Summer are now large plants and ready to put into flowering position 

As we speak shop bought violas are waiting to be planted into our winter window boxes

Till next month then me lovelies


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  1. "Effortless and sublime". You summed it up rather nicely there, methinks! We do have a rather lovely garden. Jx