Thursday, 31 December 2015

The 'Delargo Towers' Garden - December

December has proved to be the warmest ( and wettest ) ever ! In our area we have had Daffodils, Canna lilies, snowdrops jasmine and camellias all in flower this month 
but nothing can top our delight with having our dahlia imperialis flower at last.

 photo Copy20of20P1300925_zpsfg2j46qb.jpg

 photo P1310078_zpswrss6r6b.jpg

It is a rather ugly brute of a plant but the flowers are so delicate.

 photo P1300942_zpsczuzdc9s.jpg

It has gone down to -3'c at the end of last month and taken more batterings from more storm force winds than I thought possible.

 photo 77_zpsjebh3pvi.jpg

More seasonal are the window boxes. We decided to stick just to one variety of violas this year.

 photo P1300919_zps3bsbtyh8.jpg

Viola – Morpho

 photo P1300920_zpshtt8jv3l.jpg

The front border is a lot more full this year a lovely light purple osteospermum is giving us colour, while the wallflowers and foxgloves are waiting to do their stuff in the Spring

 photo P1300917_zpswfzvf4or.jpg

In the garden itself we still have a little colour.

 photo P1300910_zpszwc8sxhc.jpg

 photo P1300914_zpsrcdfqkos.jpg

This very early Anemone De Caen might be a bit nibbled but is still a joy to see.

 photo P1300926_zpsijxgev9o.jpg

The last of the cosmos. They did us proud this year but we will try another variety next

 photo P1300912_zps9pxpw1qt.jpg

The top garden looks a bit bleak this month but we have high hopes for next year.

 photo P1300935_zpsrr1qqtxh.jpg

 photo P1300936_zpso92dozcx.jpg

Out with the old year in with the new !

 photo P1300940_zpsnv1itsfx.jpg

We have a lot to look forward to

 photo P1300931_zpsfpdti1ti.jpg

and we have not started sowing seeds in earnest yet

 photo P1300932_zpskhntuygu.jpg

Roll on 2016 -

 photo P1300934_zpsomsyswjy.jpg

Roll on Spring


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  1. It has been an amazingly warm month - but one can't help but wonder what bitter cold the next few months may have to offer. Ho hum. Roll on Spring, indeed. Jx