Thursday, 29 May 2014

Random - Gorgeousness

The weather is miserable, money is to tight to mention- and we are moving house - so here are a few lovely things to take our minds off the sheer drudgery of it all.

 photo Queen-Mary-First-fwd-Cocktail-Bar_zps176de5ca.jpg

RMS Queen Mary's Cocktail Bar which overlooked the bow of the ship.

 photo tumblr_mqvdb1W6Ht1runk2uo3_r1_1280_zpse5782e13.jpg
I love this cocktail cabinet and radiogram. How fab is that.

 photo tumblr_mqvdb1W6Ht1runk2uo1_1280_zps7a53df8c.jpg

 photo 1968AloisiaRucellaieveningbaggoldandplatinumtranslucentenameldiamondsandrubies_zpsb3bbe2b7.jpg
Aloisia Rucellai evening bag made with gold and platinum and set with translucent enamel, diamonds, and rubies. 1968

 photo tumblr_mfijk1KA7Y1qcj84mo1_1280_zps4f747860.jpg

 photo Zephyrclock_zpsbae9315a.jpg

The "Zephyr" clock. designed by Kem Weber. copper case with brass trim. 1933.

 photo doesmyasslookbiginthis_zps264a7679.jpg

 photo BarbaraHuttonjadenecklacebyCartier_zps93984659.jpg

 photo ElthamPalaceDeco-0012_zps919d6240.jpg
my dream house, Eltham Palace.

René Lalique peacocks

 photo DaisyFelloweswearingherCartierTuttiFruttiNecklace_zps62466d33.jpg
Daisy Fellowes wearing her Cartier Tutti Frutti Necklace

 photo cartier_zps08e36ced.jpg

 photo 000053e1_big_zps5a37d6dc.jpeg
No idea about the next set but I love 'um'.

 photo x_zps6744e033.jpg

 photo tumblr_mzhnqzeK571rxhfhbo1_1280_zps119b3456.jpg

 photo tumblr_mjjzi7a4gc1rr2uwho1_1280_zpsc8ada5ff.jpg

 photo tumblr_n0036oBLo41sctjfho1_1280_zpsb986ccdd.jpg

 photo 269183-shoes-christian-louboutin_zpse4f06ef2.jpg
Christian Louboutin

 photo tumblr_mrd14x64Jh1rjkeyio1_1280_zpsb67972d4.jpg

 photo tumblr_mic82bspvi1qcj84mo1_500_zps2f8165a9.jpg

 photo tumblr_ms3dzfWPbS1rjkeyio1_400_zpsa3721378.jpg

 photo tumblr_n37gnamr981rttlrno1_1280_zps7b43b688.jpg

 photo tumblr_mknuy5TxHy1qhq1sso1_500_zpsdf8da346.jpg

 photo ReneacuteLaliqueDragonflywomancorsageornament2_zpsdc463339.jpg
More Lalique - Dragonfly woman corsage ornament,

 photo ReneacuteLaliqueDragonflywomancorsageornament_zps1b2ac9a8.jpg

OK I don't need this trunk but I want it !

 photo LouisVuittonPortableHairSalon_zps368d174a.jpg

To close here are some more photos of the interior of the fabulous Eltham Palace.

 photo PG683049_942long_zpscf2fdc5d.jpg

 photo eltham-palace-details1_zps1073ba1e.jpg

 photo eltham-palace-ceiling-rug_zps570bdede.jpg

 photo tumblr_n0qggqMo3D1s2drfjo1_1280_zps36d38c18.jpg

There. I feel better now!



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  1. I'd feel sooo much better if we owned even a few of these beautiful things... Jx