Friday, 28 February 2014

The Gardens of Delargo Towers - February

Well me dears me birthday has been and gone and St David's day is just around the corner so what better to kick of our tour of the grounds than the daffs.

 photo P1240310_zpse113c79b.jpg

 photo P1240306_zps1cd85ac3.jpg

 photo P1240305_zpsc9379fcd.jpg

 photo P1240304_zps2ee5943c.jpg

 photo P1240286_zps717de372.jpg

I think this years daffs are actually better than last year The little violas' are still doing their bit to add colour.

 photo P1240285_zpsd003b0ec.jpg

As is the self seeded Virginia stock growing in the paving. We are not even sowing this years seeds till next month.

 photo P1240311_zpsa5be0cfb.jpg

anemone, iris, tulip, lupin and oxalis.

 photo P1240320_zps99f44654.jpg

 photo P1240330_zps15279d33.jpg

 photo P1240329_zpsa9d3947b.jpg

 photo P1240328_zps32008049.jpg

 photo P1240322_zps1cb261b8.jpg

osteospermum is still flowering too.

 photo P1240314_zps4bcdaa7d.jpg

In fact all the plants over wintering in pots are thinking about starting into growth.

 photo P1240327_zps18f3aab8.jpg

 photo P1240324_zpseb02e5e4.jpg

 photo P1240326_zps4033ebf2.jpg

 photo P1240325_zps8857d035.jpg

We had a bit of a disaster with the plastic green house. It blew over upside down in on one of the stormy days we have had. but most of the cuttings were rescued.

 photo P1240323_zps78f85464.jpg

The sweet peas and cosmos were sown indoors at the start of the month and are now ready to harden off and it will soon be time to sow the next batch of seeds So till then.



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