Friday, 11 October 2013

Random Pinkness

Every year we all in our "gang" come up with an idea for a theme for the next year's Gay Pride costumes. Then the votes are cast and the verdict is set in stone.. This gives those of us who can sew time to do so, and the rest of us time to shop.

Our theme for Pride 2014 is Shocking Pink.

So here we go with a pot-pourri of pinkness to get the ball rolling.

 photo 02546ffb-64c1-423f-a8a9-990225d2d6ef_zpsa97a0867.jpg

 photo zaza_zps9673eba3.jpg

 photo 60-Million-Pink-Star-Diamond1_zpsa346b0c4.jpg

 photo tumblr_kpokpqWcxE1qzuh80o1_500_zpsc6d3d93d.jpg

 photo tumblr_lpcgcwhSQD1qma7ueo1_1280_zps81c0a21d.jpg

 photo ThinkPinkfunnyfaceKayThompsonofficefabric_zpsc6d4eb8d.jpg

 photo x051_zps5478b000.jpg

 photo tumblr_l2s4555P4F1qzab0no1_1280_zps3dcd2a62.jpg

 photo Azis4_zpsc97f966c.jpg

 photo cartland_zpse6cad7a9.jpg

 photo VIP_Penelope2_zpsd44c78ed.jpg

 photo furglamor-what-a-way-to-go-19_zps855cadf7.jpg

 photo chrisf-001_zps3ea7f2cc.jpg

 photo louboutin_zps9a507062.jpg

 photo 3_-Mariano-Fortuny_1930s_zps65c81790.jpg

 photo tumblr_lfvhx69FIv1qz5q5oo1_1280_zpscb8126f7.jpg

 photo pink-moschino-suit-mens-fashion-580x787_zps8865d4b0.jpg

 photo pink-champagne-truffle135_zpsbf69c04c.jpg

 photo tumblr_mqaw1mYmEX1qdg3alo1_500_zpsdc556a55.jpg

 photo tumblr_ljoc9nfWFB1qiq68fo1_1280_zps5380a033.jpg

 photo pink-trend-mens-suits-2_zpse14dc576.jpg

 photo the-g_pink-salongalway_zpsc17bb686.jpg

 photo AudreyHepburn-normanparkinson_zpsbfa80dcd.jpg

 photo img_397805_2507523_0_zpse082fc64.jpg

 photo tumblr_ljxamftg7v1qaxlweo1_500_zpsf5061716.jpg

 photo DorothySquires_zps59fe4557.jpg

 photo gwenverdonforlookmagazine1953_zps72cb573c.jpg

 photo 19-febrero-reina_zps50eb3c7c.jpg

 photo union-jack-gay-pride-pink-with-red-flag-931-p_zpsaf8141f0.gif

 photo christian-dior_246886_zps9141dcb8.jpg

 photo AAmbrosioPuppy070512_01-full_zps95d074e6.jpg

We have indeed used this theme before to great success so lets see what we can come up with next year

 photo Pride2006theboys_zps70cf42b3.jpg

 photo beforeweallgotwet22_zps80a37c54.jpg


What ever we do it will be absolutely fantabulosa and we will all be dolly palones and bona omies




  1. We will be splendid, dear - I think I may have a collage of all these photos printed onto a t-shirt!

    Here's an appropriate song by the wonderful Kay Thompson!


  2. Thank you for the fab video dear.
    In homage to the wonderful Ms.Thompson I have added one extra photo of the gang.
    Think Pink indeed