Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Gardens of Delargo Towers - July

Summer arrived mid July this year. After all the foul weather we have had every thing in the garden is three or four weeks behind last year and looking a bit scruffy.

but not our pride and joy - Lilium Regale

The Canterbury Bells have been spectacular. They have carried on flowering right through July with flush after flush. Although they were looking a little sad by the end of the month.

Another great joy this month was the flowering of the wild poppies sown earlier this year in the cracks of the paving in our street.

The window boxes have been glad of a little sun too.

Hibiscus and buddleia have decided to flower

While in the border the geraniums has done wonders this year. They have now been cut back to the ground but are regrowing at a rate of knots.

Not a good year for Cornflowers

The Verbina is actually last years plant and is looking fab and the bees love it too

While the Cosmos is late this year and only a shadow of last year. We will have to see what August brings.

Table and pots.

The 'fruit and Veg'

Not a large crop my any means but a lovely strawberry ( Cambridge Favourite )

 Pears are doing nicely and yes I know I should have thinned them out but hey they look nice.

A mystery ! Our tomato should be gardeners delight and I am sure its not. Thank you Home Base.

The herbs are doing ok but with little sun they have little flavour.

Some random shots

After the lilies our next long awaited joy were the sweet peas.

 Grown from seeds given out at a friends wedding in Italy. We have no idea what they are other than weedy
but they are lovely colours and have wonderful scent.

Finally it is so fab to have fuchsias again

Winston Churchill

Paula Jane

and Eva Boerg.

Finger crossed for more sun to come



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  1. Comprehensive, indeed - we certainly have made the most of a very small space indeed... Jx