Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Gardens of Delargo Towers - November

It looks likely that this will be the warmest November on record, Which is fine by me.
My "better half" has been busy tiding the boxes while I attacked our triffid like Nasturtiums.

I rather like the new single colour theme for the front boxes. It makes a lovely contrast to the exuberance of the Jewel garden theme we had during the summer. It is a fab pink.

The long border is replanted with biannuals for next spring

A rather confused couple of dafs have popped there heads up to see the end of 2011 rather than to see in 2012

We have only a handful of violas but they should give us a least a little colour in darkest months to come

The pear tree has settled it self down for the winter.

as is the rest of the garden.

Two garden sacks of nasturtiums have been removed, mainly from the patio.
We have kept a few climbing the fences etc. The deep red / orange of the flowers provides a very welcome drift of colour at this time of year.
It is still a nice place to sit for a quiet moment but with a hot chocolate rather than a cold beer.

We were both so pleased with the containers this year, especially as they were cobbled together as a bit of an after thought. we will have to see what we can achieve next year.

Talking of next year our mini green house has cuttings seedlings and a couple of lifted plants all taking shelter and waiting for spring.

The Mother plants of some of the cuttings. They still looking happy and are still flowering at the end of November.

Both the honeysuckle and Jasmine have done wonders this year after such radical pruning last February.


I will leave you with the bravest of our brave Streptocarpus 'denim'.
As you know we nearly lost the whole collection this summer and they still look a little sad.
They should perk up in the Spring and in the mean time are still giving us a few jolly flowers from time to time.

Keep posted.

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